aquiring vacations while on workers comp

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  1. doug

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    I was on comp for 8 months I came back to work last May. My check stub shows 45 hours of vacation time I should have 225. We have turned it in and are waiting for payrole to make the correction. I have been told that while on comp you still aquire vacation time from the union and some managment and they both feel it will be corrected. I was just wondering if anyone knows the lauguage on this subject. any info would be great Thanks.
  2. who me

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    You must have 156 reports from the year before to aquire all vacation time.
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    When you are out on comp all benefits are paid up to the end of one year. So your vacation time does accrue as if you had worked. You receive pay for any holidays that fall within the first 6 months of being out. The numbers on the bottom of the checks or advice are sometimes off so it shouldn't be any problem getting them corrected.
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    In my area you must have 154 reports to qualify for your vacation. Comp time does not count as a report. If you do not work 154 days you do not get your vacation for the next year. It is amazing how many people are healed the week before the 154 last working days of the year begin.
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    In the Southern agreement you must work 156 reports per year to receive all your vacation and options. All paid days (vacations, options, holidays, funeral leave, jury duty, TAW) count as reports. While on workers comp you don't aquire any reports. If you don't reach 156 reports it is then prorated, for each 40 reports times the weeks of vacation that you are entitled to. An example would be if you get 4 wks of vacation and have 40 reports (1X4wks) you would get 4 days, 80 reports (2X4wks) gets you 8 days and 120 reports (3X4wks) is 12 days. You do however lose all option weeks and personal days if you don't get 156 reports in.

    Below is a link to the same question.
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    Thanks for all the info. I have been here for 21 years and this is the first time I have had to use workers comp and pray I never have to again. I will let everyone know how this turns out I should know within a cpl of days.
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    Ok I got my answer today, I am in the southeast in our area when on comp you do get your vacations no matter how long your on comp, your sick days and opt are pro rated after one year out on comp. They said my check stub this Friday will reflect 225 hours. Thanks again for all the info I quess its different depend on what region we are in.
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    You might want to check at, on benefits It may be more up to date, or maybe not
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    That's strange because I'm also in the southeast and I was out for 18 month's and only have 1 personal day for this entire year.NO VACTION time because I didn't have any repotrs last year.Good luck getting it changed it took me 3 month's after returning to work to get them to pay me for vacation time I had aquired before going out.
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    We have a "driver" that has spent more time out on comp than has been worked in 7 years with the company.
    This driver still gets vacation checks throughout the year, even though this driver has only worked 8 days total this calender year. Last year this driver worked less than 3 weeks in the year. ( And UPS harrasses ME as a repeat offender!)
    There are multiple vacation checks for this driver in the office right now- can anyone explain this one? I am in the Southern Conference!
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    Wornout-Where I was if you were out long term, if you returned and worked one day and went back out then the benefits clock was restarted. Sounds like this is the case here. Doesn't seem fair to you but to someone who has a major injury it's the only way to survive until a final settlement is reached with UPS. Of course there are those who abuse the system and make it harder for those who are legitimate.

    To those who have to make a certain number of punches to receive benefits while out on comp I would tell your BA to negotiate full benefits into your supplement. When you are injured and out because you were doing your job you should not lose your benefits.
  12. doug

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    My check today has 225 hours of vacation time posted, amnd I am on vacation starting next week for two weeks and I have all three checks here today so they did fix it, maybe being out more than a year effects your vacation time(they told me it doesn't but who knows, I can say this I contacted my BA at the union hall and got my ducks in a row before I went to them, even asked questions on here being informed matters) I was out for 8 months total and every thing worked out good for me. I have never used comp before hope to never use it again but I would have to say it was a blessing to us. I have read some of the treads on here about comp and I would have to agree it is highly abused, and thats ashame because for us that are really hurt it makes things hard sometimes, I had to come in and do taw work with a broke arm and wrist not fun at all but thats how it has to be I quess because of all the abuse. well got to go.