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    Hi my name is barry i work out of the melville, n.y buliding i started as a part timer in 08/04. Then in 2007 i went into a fulltime 22.3 combo position inside/outside. I went throught a 2 year progression and in 2009 my rate was increased to the top rate for that position which is about $15 an hour inside and $25 and hour outside. This past peak season i was asked to go driving and i did now usually wHEN i driving and and service ground parcels i get the top rate of an full time driver which is 30.94 now they are telling me because i went fulltime driving iam reclassified as a fulltime traniee and pays me 16.10 an hour which iam upset with because i know i could have stayed at my position for the peak and service ground and got the top rate all peak they never explained this to me nor would i take a $10 pay cut basically to do more work can someone help me with this please
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    Get your steward and or BA involved.
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    You should only have to go through 1 full time progression. They are screwing you.
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    22.3 jobs had a 2 year progression in 2007 when you became a 22.3.
    Full time driver position has a 3 year progression in the new contract. if you switch classification you need to serve another year of progression to get top pay in that new classification. Not sure if they can force you to take new driver pay for the duration.
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    you are a joke l LIKE TO MANY OTHERS on this site ask the union get involved if not enjoy your pay cut you deserve it. and you say your from long island . the island must be going to hell
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    Read the contract and your local rider. You will find your answer there and you will know where it is when you need to quote it for your SUP.

    Then talk to your steward and call your BA.