Are we really loved?

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  1. Brownslave688

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    Do our customers really love us as much as we think they do? I ask this because the route I was covering today everyone was asking if I was the new and very disappointed when I said he was just on vacation. I got to thinking and this actually happens a decent amount on routes I cover. Maybe we aren't as loved as we think we are.
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    We see the customer for a minute or two. In the typical ups driver they think there customers day revolves around them and vice versa. It's like life if you are there they like you if you are respectful but if you aren't or you can't do what they want when they want it they WILL cut your throat. I've seen it. Keep the relationships to a minimum and move on.
  3. brownmonster

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    They love you if you are nice, helpful and don't hang around long. Apparently the guy you were covering for is none of the above.
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    Was anything hanging out of your shorts?
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    It all depends on the driver. I know the guys that cover my route start to get annoyed cause everyone asking where I am when I'm off. I have a good relationship with most of my customers and it's nice to know they appreciate the extra steps I take.
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    My customers always wonder how much vacation I have. Love to rub it in.
  7. Shifting Contents

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    I have a seasonal route for Christmas and go unassigned the rest if the year. Only 3/4 of my regular businesses are on my truck as the volume has yet to jump. Everyone keeps getting these excited looks on their faces and are exclaming "ARE YOU BACK?" whenever a few more of my regular businesses are added. I must be doing something right.
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    I know you guys hate when customers interject ourselves into your place of chat, so I apologize...but I wanted to say that I LOVE my guys.

    As a matter of fact, Last Thursday I called his supervisor and said how pleased myself and my neighbors were with him. I said he was very nice, timely, and incredibly professional. I didn't just give him a rave review, but I also said that the cover guy does a good job as well. She was surprised and said that they don't get that many of "those" kind of calls and thanked me for the effort.

    First rain we get here, I'm going to make him lunch for helping me with some stuff.

    I think the majority of you guys are liked, depending on how fast you drive in our neighborhood:wink2: So, I say "thank you" for the rest of the A-Holes that forget to.