Arod and performing enchancing drugs

Discussion in 'Sports' started by drewed, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. drewed

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    So Arods admitted to using steriods, the MLB admits they knew he came up dirty and did nothing about it....Had it been a NFL or NHL player they would have been taken off the field suspended pending an investigation by their governing councils... So what happened to baseball? Why wasnt this brough forward 7 years ago when they found out? Id expect to see more congressional hearing about the way MLB handles these issue
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    Aw c'mon, we all knew it before any testing !!! I think you'd be hard-pressed to find the athlete NOT on drugs.

    Besides he'd have to be on drugs to date a skank like Madonna.
  3. drewed

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    This is true, but where the accountability for it? The MLB should at the very least suspended him, this from the league that wont let pete rose in the hall of fame for bringing dishonor to the game how is Arods behavior different? The NFL suspended 7 players on the grounds they used a product that may have been used to cover the use of steriods....
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    At the time (2003) MLB was not subjecting players who tested positive to discipline as these tests and results were supposed to remain confidential. Someone obviously had a beef w/ARod and leaked his name. Now they are calling for release of the remaining 103 names. I don't know what that would accomplish, if anything, but it would be fair to ARod.

    ARod will weather this just fine and will earn his place in the hall of Fame.
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    It fuuny in that a number of years ago when balls were going yard left and right, we heard the talk that the baseballs themselves were "juiced!" Turns out now it was really the players.

    IMHO The record book still reads like this

    HomeRun King
    Henry Aaron

    With The Babe still in 2nd

    Roger Maris holds the single season record

    And the greatest tragedy of all is baseball still looks down it's own hypocritical nose at Joe Jackson!

    It's sad that the great game where grown men could go and for a few hours be that kid again on a hot summer day playing sandlot ball has gone from a field of dreams to a wasteland of thorns and weeds! Baseball has become a mirror that reflects our own moral decay!

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    Well I was watching a show on ESPN and they spent most of the show on it, and the point was brought that I think is valid...where do you stop with the *? The seventies had aphedamine usage, before that the mound was much higher then it is today giving a pitcher advantage, and theres no standard size to baseball field beyond the diamond.
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    LOL, very true.

    I say we take a poll about changing A-Rod's name to A-Roid.
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    We should call him Ster-rod instead. Since Bonds did them too, Hank Aaron should still be the Home Run King.