Article 22.3 Full Time Package Driver?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by scratch, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. scratch

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    Yesterday, the other Center in my Hub put two routes up on the Bid Board. Both of the bids had "Article 22.3 Section 10" full time driver on them and were initialed by a shop steward. I thought 22.3 jobs were combo jobs where two part time jobs were combined to make one full time job.

    We don't currently have combo jobs in my building, they put a bid up a few years ago, but took it down. This bid is puzzling to me, these are full time package driver routes. One of the route looks interesting to me, because it has an earlier start time and is in a better country club type area than the one I am on now. But there is no way I would take a pay cut and lose overtime for a combo job. Any thoughts?
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    Scratch I can't find my contract book but I wonder if that should be 22 section 10 as the 3 is the section for combos...

    Combo jobs are in danger right now, not a good time to bid on one.
  3. JonFrum

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    "Article 22.3" means "Article 22, Section 3." There is no Section 10.

    What Supplement are you under, Scratch?

    Maybe your Local or region has some Article 22.3 Memo of Understanding that the "Section 10" refers to?

    If you have part-time drivers, then maybe it's possible that two such jobs could be combined, but this would be the first I've heard of it.

    Normally the only full time Article 22.3 driving job would be an Air Driving job.

    And of course, contractually, Article 22.3 jobs are intended for part-timers. (Despite what the Hoffa people have done to these jobs since.)
  4. barnyard

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    I know of a couple of FT 22.3 air driving jobs, all they do is drive, but they do not deliver ground.
  5. UnsurePost

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    In our region, 22.3 are very flexible and can be worked however wanted.

    One thing though- are these 22.3 "FT DRIVER" jobs seasonal? Because our ctr 22.3 and even PT air drivers usually run routes off around Christmas, perhaps in other areas they're just taking any qualified 22.3s?
  6. scratch

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    We are under the Southern Supplement. Article 48 deals with seniority rosters/postings and Section 10 deals with combo jobs.

    I just have never heard of a combo job created to run a full time package route, it just sounds fishy to me.
  7. 22.34life

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    i know in the southern supplement that some of the required 22.3 jobs that ups was supposed to fill were turned into f/t driver is something that the company and teamsters agreed my building if you look at any of the senority listings in the center offices you will see at least 5 or 6 "article 22.3 full time driver".it does not mean that that person is a 22.3 combo employee just that their job is created under that article,dont ask me all the details all i know is thats the way it is.
  8. Baba gounj

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    In the past we have used them.
    They worked a Tues-Sat week; tues-fri they ran a normal route, and on Sat. they worked the morning as air drivers and the afternoons as ground pick-up drivers from the UPS Stores.