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    Is there a chart for the pay rates on article 22.3 pay rates??I know the air delivery is a set rate but the inside rate goes by your part time hire date.Is there an easy way to figure out what that rate is before you bid the job?My part time hire date is nov 1988.outside/inside inside/ inside It is confusing what you will be paid on these jobs.
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    Consider yourself lucky you have a 22.3 job. We've lost 5 in my building, and they weren't replaced. UPS is winning every arbitration involving the 22.3 jobs, so it doesn't look good for those jobs.
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    1987 part-time inside rate is 24.88. You should be close to 24. You can ask HR to do a payroll inquiry and find out your exact P/T rate, or ask the union and they can do the same.
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    ok thanks
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    When I was a 22.3(about 5-ish years ago)My inside rate was over 24.00 an hour for inside hours. My air driver rate was 20.60 an hour for air hours. Probably rates will vary from local to local.
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    My part time hire date was Feb. of 1988. When i went back to driving in November of last year my pay rates were $22.97 for air and $24.66 for inside.