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    I have recently been hired as a utility/air exception driver. My center supervisor has told me that I fall under section 40-1-a.. Iam getting paid the starting air wage - which is below my inside wage - for air shuttle/pickups/deliveries. The contract says that an air exception driver does work under (h)(j)(k) not (a). Anyone have experience on this matter?
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    The "utility" air driver label tells me you fall under all air operations language, not just exception. Which region are you in, because a supplement may better answer your question?

    Find your real job classification and a definition by HR ( call your local office and ask them ), then ask your steward or BA information on how that classification affects your job contractually.
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    Iam in the western region. My utility rate is the starting $16.10 and the starting air rate is $12.50. The only time that Iam getting paid the utility rate is when Iam on a route or running a ground misload. I have been working mainly to go to the airport and shuttle and have been getting paid the air rate. The contract says that air exception is only for delivery of air pkgs so shouldnt I be making my utility wage? And if I do fall under sec.1(a) shouldnt I be making top wage when running a route as an air driver would (1(a)(7) instead of my utility rate?
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    I don't have the answer. Again, ask the union.

    My guess; If you are servicing packages that the drivers cannot make time commitment on, that is exception air and article 40. If you are shuttling air service packages from an airport, that is air, article 40 (air shuttle work). If you are moving any grounds, that is ground and utility class.

    When you complete the wage progression(s), you will reach top rate. I know that no FT employee is supposed to complete two progressions. Not sure about PT. When you complete the 2 year wage progression, you will get top air rate (article 40). Same with utility ( which should be in your local supplement).

    I am a combo 22.3 preload/air, btw.
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    Thanks for the help. It has been a confusing and frustrating entrance into driving. Ive been working all over the building for 5 yrs now and finally getting into driving. My supervisor told me I was going to school in '09 and I finally went in aug. '10. I work the local sort now and utility/air exception. I've been told not to worry about the wage because I'll be at top rate in 2 yrs but Iam next to go into FT driving so I dont think I'll get to that point. Unless my supervisor decides to hire off the street in spite of me. My union rep was going to take my grievance to panel and then it got put off and now I dont whats going on. Today for instance I had ground on my shuttle - utility rate? or is exception ground ok to pay me the lower rate? If I have to cover the pm air and get called off the sort I'll be making less than my inside wage? I havent gotten too much help on these issues other than whats in the contract and my super keeps telling me "this is what Ive been told." I appreciate the feedback from another source, thanks again