As a part timer if I’m told to come in on my sixth day is that overtime pay?

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    Last year during peak was working 6 days a week (preloaded and helper) and the last shop Stewart told me that the sixth day is over time. Last week told to come in that Saturday (originally m-f shift) under the impression of overtime but now floor supervisor saying otherwise and shop Stewart says I’m suppose to then changes his response back and forth. Anyone here got any real answers?
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    Depends on your supplement. In the central, where I am, the 6th day is overtime, and the 7th day is double time.

    Ask your steward, with a d, to show you the contractual provision he is referring to or to give you a contract book. You can also look your contract up here: UPS Rising
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    My supplement says No overtime for 6th day punch.

    Ask your union rep.
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    Here, as a part timer, the sixth day is ot only after 5.5 like a regular day. You must fulfill the 40 hours of straight time first so if you're only working preload your not going to be at 40 on your 6 the punch.
    If you are hopping also, then the 6th punch will be all ot as long as you are with the driver at least 2.5 hours every day.
    Hope this helps and didn't confuse the issue for you.
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    Here, 6th punch is payed at all overtime.
  6. It's a supplemental issue.
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    It also depends on if you are working the same classification. It will all be spelled out in your supplement.
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    Under Art 40 Saturday air delivery is straight time unless you have 40 hours in.
  9. We didn't get the 6th punch as overtime for the part timers until the last supplement
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    Wow. We have always had OT for 6th day and double time for 7th day.
  11. We uad language for the full timers but not for the part timers. The language was so old, probably nobody ever thought of it.