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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UPS Scab, Jun 17, 2007.

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    yesterday the APWA held a meeting on the northside of atlanta there were about 5 of us there that are really interested in the message ....of course none of us ever ever ever attend local 728 monthly membership meetings but that is not important.... there were a few other guys there from the local who were probably sent to spy on us , but there was 1 guy who was there in a polo shirt that idenitified him as a business agent..... I think he is called Higgie (he is a trouble maker always causing problems for management) Our great self appointed leader Van Skillman asked the trouble maker (Higgie) to leave the meeting ( if you could call a gathering in a public hotel lobby a meeting) This BA made up some BS story about being a UPS employee too , but Van is no dummy he knows that UPS ID's are easily forged and again told Mr Loudmouth Troublemaker to leave and again this jerk refused to vacate the this time the nice unifomed police officer that Van keeps handy for such antics quickly stepped and put the guy in braclets and hauled him off to the pokey (HaHa) serves him right.... anyway i guess we proved to the teamsters and the stupid core of loser followers that we dont need them.... lets do the right thing and help van and danny lead us in a new positive direction for our great company after all they are truly experts on what we need not Hoffa and his band of idiots!!!! Thanks UPS Scab

    "We don't need no stinking union!!!!" "We got Van and Danny!!!"
  2. Raw

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    No sane person would put their hard earned career stakes in the hands of a "Van" & "Danny" ! :lol:
  3. scratch

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    It sounds like we had a little excitement locally. "Higgie" sounds like a nickname of my Local 728 Business Agent. I hope he is out of the pokey by the time I go back to work tomorrow.:bored:I wonder how many other people I know were at this APWA meeting, I don't ever hear anything about them at the Hub I work at.
  4. BCFan

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    Maybe we should give Norman Pace a call and see if he is available :) BC (not Betty Crocker)
  5. dragracer66

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    First off a whole 5 of you were there, man what a turn out!!! Secondly you are going to trust 2 clown's that go by Van and Danny (one who has a cop with him) to organize a wanna be union? Sound's like the name of a children's cartoon. Thirdly why didn't you let the B/A stay if you guy's are so sure you are going to be the next great thing you should have nothing to hide. When you guy's hold more meeting's I guess you aren't going to let steward's or commitee men in either? And for the last thing you held your meeting in the lobby of a hotel? You could have held that meeting inside a photomat and still have enough room for 5 more people. Oh yea you aren't even organized yet and you are having people locked up, sound's promising:lol:
  6. UPS Scab

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    Dude stewarts are the reason our company needs the APWA those idiots are guilty of harrassing management and causing my company great anguish..we dont need the teamsters really ...all they do is suck us dry of money and diginity Scab
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    Yea...I see what you mean, if I had stewart's representing me I would have a problem with that also. Maybe if you had a steward representing you it would be better. You must be some newly hired gung ho part time sup because fulltime sup's would even disagree with that comment!!!
  8. GuyinBrown

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    It's STEWARD, ok?

    stew·ard (stū'ərd,)
    1. One who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs.
    2. One who is in charge of the household affairs of a large estate, club, hotel, or resort.
    3. A ship's officer who is in charge of provisions and dining arrangements.
    4. An attendant on a ship or airplane.
    5. An official who supervises or helps to manage an event.
    6. A shop steward.
    7. A wine steward.
    intr. & tr.v., -ard·ed, -ard·ing, -ards. To serve as a steward or as the steward of.
    [Middle English, from Old English stigweard, stīward : stig, stī, hall + weard, keeper.]
    stewardship stew'ard·ship' n.

    If you're going to bash somebody, please take the time to learn how to spell your intended target.
  9. 705red

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    Look at this last sentence, this so called apwa supporter is endorsing van and danny, but also states we dont need no union. That is a real possible outcome if/when this goes to a vote!

    Scab we dont need your opinion on whats best for us as a group, seeing you only care about yourself as a self admitting scab!
  10. DorkHead

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    This whole story smells. First, what hotel is going to let someone conduct a meeting in their lobby? Second, how does Van and Danny have the right to tell someone to leave the lobby of a public hotel? What was the BA arrested for? What was he charged with? Was the Press there? This whole story smells like BS.
  11. sendagain

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    I don't think people get cuffed in hotel lobbies and hauled off to jail so easily. Unless my lengthy experience watching COPS is wrong, you actually have to commit a crime.
  12. BCFan

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    OMG it was true ....was at the hampton inn off exit 263(franklin rd i was told) Higgie has been sprung by our friend of teamsters....way i understand it they told him to leave he was not welcome and the cop cuffed him...i talked to a guy that was there and it is the truth !!!! we sure dont need these union busting A-holes (apwa that is) BC----:thumbup1: (not bicycle champion)
  13. sendagain

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    Now, what we got here, is a failure to communicate.
  14. Griff

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    APWA is a fraud.
  15. wyobill

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    No sane person would go on srike to save a already sunkin
    Central States Pension Fund.
  16. satellitedriver

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    I thought I was the only scab in this forum.
    Your post is so bogus that it gives scabs a bad name.
  17. nospinzone

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    But Jack, Ken, Jimmy, and Higgy are a better alternative? Keep swallowing that lie that the Teamsters are lookin out for ya and will succesfully protect what is yours during negotiations with UPS. I suspect that if UPS'rs choose to approve another IBT contract, they will look back within 3years after their pension and insurance deteriorate further and wish to God they had the chance to consider voting for someone else to represent them. How long have UPS and the Teamsters been in "early negotiations" now? And the only thing that's come of it is UPS dictating the direction of the negotiations. I bet every time the IBT lists their "demands", the UPS lawyers just push a button on their iPods to play that laughing hyena recording.

    But hey, your little quote above makes for a cute little soundbite.
  18. steeltoe

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    UPS scab, your thread is a joke. I can not believe you came to this board representing a NEW UNION and actually type out the idiot words you used.

    1. The 5 of you never attend Local 728 meetings? Dude, that is a really smart comment and action. You want changes, but never attend meetings? Local 728 is one of the few locals that actually is lead by a group who believes different than the old guard.

    2. If you can not identify a business agent by not knowing him, you really seem to be a person who will be involved with a new union. Would you not think that if the teamsters are your enemy, it would help to be able to identify one of their business agents? Give me a break. I can see it now. Hey man, Fred said something about your mother. You reply, "I am going to kick his $%@, what does Fred look like so I can find him." How in the World can you be involved with something anti teamsters, yet you are so uninvolved with our local that you can not even identify a BA by his looks or his name? Not attending your locals meetings is an important issue.

    3. "Always causing trouble for management"? Are you crazy? I know this BA personally, beacause he is a BA at my Union. I can promise you that he has never brought up any issue with UPS management that was not contractual. How is this causeing trouble? It is his job as a Steward and a BA to make sure the contract is followed. Again, you are a joke. I guess causing trouble is making sure people are paid correctly, seniority is enforced, etc.

    4. "Van is no dummy". Van must be a dummy if he can not identify his Locals BA. I guess it is a good thing he knows that an ID can be easily forged. Heck, Higgie could have been the Easter Bunny posing as Higgie. Van must be a dummy, to associate with a person such as yourself who would come on this board and make such crazy comments.

    5. "We don't need no stinking union". Dude, if we don't need no stinking union, then why in the H*$$ were you at a meeting to start a new union?

    Lastly, you call yourself the UPS scab. Like it or not, you are represented by the Teamsters. If you do not like it, fine, follow this new group, but don't even think about being a leader in this organization, because it will fail.

  19. LKLND3380

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    Time is on EVERYONE'S side right now as there IS NO RUSH TO FINALIZE the contract...

    No worries until June 2008...:thumbup1:
  20. LKLND3380

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    Never been to monthly membership meeting? Are you a Teamster or is Georgia a right to work state?

    How do YOU expect change in YOUR union if YOU do not attend YOUR monthly meetings? Who do YOU voice YOUR concerns to? Do YOU expect YOUR union to be mind readers and know YOUR concerns?

    This sounds like the people who bitch about politics but never vote...

    Five people in the Atlanta area showed up? That must mean less than 1% of the UPSers in ATL want change...