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    Ok so i've been with UPS for over year. I show up to work every day with no problem. It's just weird to me to see how many other workers miss days. There's one guy in my hub who only shows up once a week. Others 2-3 times, some miss one day a week, you get the idea. These guys never get fired, in fact nothing is ever said to them, no disciplinary action whatsoever. Apparently they don't even call their sup to tell them they're not coming. Even the guys with little to no seniority skip frequently. Anyway i want to know if anyone else has the same thing going on in their hubs and why doesn't anything be done about it? I'm not complaining because i don't really care, just curious. And I am talking strictly part time employees because i assume full timers is a different story
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    When you hit that post button, give it a few seconds before you hit it again (and again).
  3. In my center you get three strikes and you're out. I don't have time to wonder if you're gonna show up or be a bum and stay home and screw me.
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    Called job security as long as they are there your keep ya job. Meaning you can't get fired for same thing they doing unless they get fired
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    UPS probably accepts it because they need all the help nearly all year round.

    This is the first time since I've been with the company my building is at "full strength" (thats because we have about 10 new hires, none are seasonal as we need the permanent help), I'm sure that will very quickly change though.

    As long as the guys aren't total screw ups while working UPS is probably willing to accept any contributions, even if its once a week, as they need it.
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    Hope this helps.
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    Must be nice not to need money, to skip work so much.
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    We have a few that miss a lot. Most have FT day jobs and have a lot of seniority so they text or call one id the FT sups and if UPS does not need them that day they take it off. One guy every December he has to double shift just to hope he has enough hours for a good retirement year.
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    I thought OT hours don't count towards our 750 (is it 750, I can't remember?) needed for the year to count towards our pension?
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    Yeah 750 hours. Never heard anything about OT hours not counting. I am maxed out on years anyway.
  11. bleedinbrown58

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    Thats what i heard from a driver friend....I never have an issue, I usually hit 750 before the summer ends.
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    You can be fired for attendance if you miss alot.
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    I have never seen anybody fired for poor attendance. If you take too much time off and not meet the quarterly hours required for health benefits. A bill will arrive in the mail for a large amount so you can keep your Teamsters health insurance.
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