Automated Smalls Sort question.

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    They are building a new automated smalls sort. Not NGSS. Does anyone on here work in that department? How many union employees usually work in that department?

    Management is keeping it a giant secret. Maybe most of our department will be moved back to loading trailers. Maybe it is a good thing that I still load and unload too as needed.
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    The automated small sort still requires a ton of people. You still need debaggers. Then you have inductors. In our hub, there are 5-6 inductor stations. These people basically place each small on the belt in an empty slot and that belt takes off for the scan tunnel. Then after the scan tunnel the smalls are automatically sorted into the correct bag. Then there's even more people who zip up the full bags, slap the proper label on it, and throw it on the belt. There's about 8-10 people that do this. Then depending on how many smalls you have, they'll still have stations using the old system where you have a person sorting the smalls into the correct bin that lights up automatically and a person on the other side bagging them.

    So no need to worry about less people. The automated system will have the ability to process a lot more smalls per hour, but will take the same amount of people to do it.
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    "Northbaypkg, Thank you for the helpful information!!
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    This is why the board was created . I want to go ahead and thank you two . Keep up the good work.
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    This is why you’re The Best Mod ever
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    Thank you .
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    No, they are not keeping it a giant secret. They clowns know as much as you. Zero communication at UPS.
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    If you're stuck bagging it sucks. I had to do it for a few days when ours first came in and my section was putting out 100+ bags an hour. That was in an automated building where they send huge packages to smalls, maybe yours wouldn't be as bad.

    They also wouldn't turn on fans because they were worried about letters being blown into the wrong bag but I see they now have fans aimed indirectly down the rows.

    In an automated building I think loading is now the best scanning packages and they are always standing around in the buildings I go into.
  13. eats packages

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    whatever benefit they get finishing the smalls sort earlier gets lost on preloaders who have to deal with all the no-read pal labels that get slapped on em, bags arriving late in the shift. Not that it matters to a few of us who can sort and load old school.