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    Hello Everyone, so i recently found out about this forum and I just had some questions about how is life being a aviation mechanic for UPS. I currently work part-time for UPS as a revenue auditor for 2 years now in Florida. And I'm currently going to school for aviation mechanics. I just wanted to know the likelihood of landing a job with them, being that I already have some time with the company. Will they have a job ready in line for me if a position is already open once i complete the program or would I have to search for a job. Thanks to whoever replies.
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    More than likely it will be based on seniority.
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    Maybe get your AP license first. Then apply for a job.
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    "Good to go".
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    Is your name Maverick by chance ?
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    Considering what other full time union employees make at UPS, Im going to assume these guys are topped paid workers in their field. That being said, getting the job probably isnt easy. Especially right out of tech school. I base that on absolutely nothing. I've never seen a aviation mechanic job posting. I would hope they hire guys with real world experience. But maybe they hire them like the rest of us, whoever shows up.