back injury and no idea


Sorry I know it's been discussed already!! but still have questions?

I was injured last year, dolly broke after repeated attempts to get a new one.

this year 11 months later i tied my shoe lace and had back pain for some time 6 weeks im all better but MRI the co. doctors took has me with a herniated disk. still haven't seen ortho.

my question is what should i expect from here on any info would be welcomed relief.


Was the initial injury documented and did you seek medical treatment? If so, you should be just fine; if not, you may have some issues ahead.

thanks for the reply.

yes both injuries were documented, ups and workers comp doing more than expected for me just cant shake the feeling, im on my way out due to the 100% rule to return to work, will the ortho limit my work to under the 70lb weight limit, i've read some scary stories.


Slave To The Grind
All FYI injuries that were called in should have a time period in which you should seek medical attention to upgrade the injury. It's a good way to cover your backside in case management changes the story of how you got hurt. I think that you have to keep calling in the FYI to keep the case open though.

At least I think that's how it's supposed to happen.
Think long and hard about what you want to do with your life, I have a buldging disc going into my nerve and disc degenration below that. My lifting ability has been cut back by alot lifting 65 lbs puts me down for awhile, those used to never be a problem for me. Every specialist I have seen said find a different job and strengthen your core muscles and you should be fine. They want to cut my back open or stick a needle in my spine and inject steriods, but after talking to several people who have done both the success rate was not good. So I have gone through a FCE to see if I can do my job and basically I can not with out alot of breaks. I tell this UPS is (or was ) a good company but it changes every year for the worse. There are plenty of jobs out there if you can't go back, do what you think is best for you not them. If you go workers compensation be prepared for alot of BS, and make sure you file a claim through the state where you work. :dissapointed: