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    Looking for some insight from someone who has maybe been in my shoes. I have been temp-driving everyday since June 1. I ran the same route everyday and even management knew it as my route. I have read other posts mentioning that if I drive everyday for x amount of days I should be considered full-time. Looking for some knowledge as if this is true or not. Also if not, would I be eligible for unemployment benefits for the severe decline in pay. Past 30 weeks I've averaged 1150/week now will be around 275/week
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    Sounds like you were a vacation cover for the summer and peak cover for peak. Check your local supplement and better yet ask a union "boss", because everyone's region has different rules. the answer likely is no.
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    The most accurate answer is going to come from your shop steward. If he/she is not sure, ask for a contract book and read it.
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    Call your local hall and talk to the BA, you pay dues for times like these.
  5. Going through same thing, if you work one day in January as a PC driver, you will make your ft seniority that's why they sent u back. But my center manager is trying to slip me in, so he tells me to call every morning. I been at ups for a year now. Came off the street.
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    Like everyone says check your local. I think here if you're a cover driver and you do 120 days of full time driving you automatically get full time seniority. They watch it like a hawk around here so guy/gals don't get the time in. I've seen them cut em off at 119 days. Cruel man just plain cruel.