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  1. im jus want to know what is the main thing that UPS looks at when it comes to the background checks because i have no history of drug usage or criminal record.. its just that i've quit 4 jobs in the past and only worked for each them around 2 months a piece and to give myself a better chance i didnt put them up on my employment history when i applied for a position at ups. so do they check out the employment record and if so do they rally count it i really need a job
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    The way it was explained to me was as long as you're not a felon, you're good to go. You may get questioned on your work ethic if they think it's your first job which may hurt your chances.
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    What are you applying for?

    Most inside jobs require only a pulse....
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    "Most inside jobs require only a pulse...."

    That may be misconstrued. (Sure would hate my post deleted). In my building, turnover is sooooo high they will take in anyone.

    I was not flaming any inside people.
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    Our building is so hard up for workers they hire people before their background checks are finished. Just a couple of years ago guy got out of jail on wed, applied for a job on thurday came to work on friday and was arrested on monday for over lableing packages. You probably have nothing to worry about.
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    They're just checking to see what "gang" you're affiliated with so they make sure they put you on the right shift.
  7. all i applied for was package handler
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    Dude with a handle like that youll fit right in.
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    We have a job service at the local methadone clinic
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    don't even bother. you'll quit in a month........:laugh:
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    If you dont have a criminal backround period then what is there for them to find? I agree if you have a pulse, you are fit for inside work and if you dont work then the brothers in brown will find you, seiously though it might be a good place to change your work ethics. Someone on here had a good point, that you must have a good job if the waiting list for full time is 5 years.
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    I also did this the first time, I had left out a job I had for only 2 months and they refused me the job due to being dishonest on the application. Then I did the application again and put in the job and I was hired within 2 weeks.
  13. But Benefits Are Great!

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    It has officially been announced that, due to the starting wage being $8.50/hour for the last 30 years, and now having to wait a year for benefits, that the pulse requirement has been waived.
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    True to some extent, but it really depends on the hub. At mine they're pretty good at weeding out "undesirables" in the interview process, but at the same time they've still hired some people that made my jaw drop. It's a criminal background check, your previous work history has nothing to do with it and most likely they won't check your references (assuming they even asked for them).
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    They may let you work till your BC comes back, but they won't hire people with any type of morality issue convictions, any type of theft or burglury, some assaults. Even if these are misdemeanors they still won't hire.