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    Just this past week or so our center had a load audit, and of coarse they found that 90% of people were not loading right. but what im getting at is we now HAVE TO load smalls bags in a annoyingly specific way, no bags in the first three shelves i understand but no long allowed to put bags on top of walls. now there are 2 main choices a column of bags on the right side only or in the wall after the first 3 shelves. BUT the belt im on gets about 100 to 200 bags per trailer. any other centers being told this?
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    that should last a week what ever you are talking about.:surprised:
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    I think its a safety hazard. They want you throwing them at the top of the wall? Thats an ijury waiting to happen.

    I'm thinking build half of a wall and then place it in between that wall and the one behind it.

    When I was a loader, there were too many times that we threw the bags or placed them with the help of a load-stand at the top of the wall. This was the accepted practice in 1999.

    These bags can weigh 50 or 60 Lbs. I can't believe UPS wanted them
    'thrown" at the top of the load? Not is this day and age!

    I also think they are too heavy.
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    A sign of the times ... these type of things use to last a month or so.