Barron's Bearish Article

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by peacock71, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. peacock71

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    Well now...

    The prestigious weekend prognosticator of doom has set its sites on UPS and FDX, just before UPS is to announce earnings. Says UPS can't compete with a Postal Monopoly that is willing to pay $1.2B for a worthless impersonator of a going concern, and who is willing to essentially 'buy' customers with below market rates. Says large UPS customers are asking for good deals. Says basically that UPS can't meet numbers although we won't meet them as badly as FEDEX won't meet them.

    Hey Barron's! UPS knows how to meet numbers. UPS knows what margins are, and what Return on Equity is. The other guys don't. Remember what profits were? You're going to see some Tuesday. Maybe not the best UPS has ever posted, but pretty good in this economy. If the Germans think they have to buy Airborne to compete, they are desparate indeed.

    As always...

    Go UPS!
  2. wigman

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    Hope you're right peacock!!
  3. charlie

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    Looks like you called it. Good one!!!! Now, lets see if we get a good market reaction!

  4. robonono

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    Yep, We're convincing the market that UPS does know its business model!

    Up $1.63 to $59.50
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    Not only did Barrons run a bearish article but A.G. Edwards downgraded UPS from a HOLD to a SELL yesterday. DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE ANAL-YSTS! They clearly don't understand the workings of UPS. I wonder how many of their clients who sold yesterday on their downgrade are calling them today with congratulations!?!
  6. peacock71

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    Last quarter the MLynch analyst had his negative comments about UPS in a research report on the same day as earnings. Today - nothin' from ML.

    UPS Delivers the Goods...again.

    Go UPS!
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    I had a customer ask me Monday(he owns some UPS stock) if I knew something he didn't because he had seen the Barrons article. I said I was as baffled as he was and assured him we were doing quite well. He was smiling at pickup time today. You really have to wonder what these experts look at when making these judgements. All I know is every morning when I look in the package car it's full. We must be doing something right.
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    No doubt about it! I know one Peacock who was struttin his tail feathers today! Good call P and you nailed em'. I just got home from work so I'm way behind the curve on news but I heard at work that UPS raised estimates for the next Q. Looks like we got our work cut out for us. To quote you P, Go UPS!

    Have a good one.

    Can we discuss stock here? It doesn't violate any rule does it?

    Just kidding Cheryl![​IMG]
  9. rushfan

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    Yep, I don't listen to the anal-ysts. They are like all those "experts" one can see on all the news channels, and morning news shows.
  10. charlie

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    Talk about Monday morning quarterbacking! My opinion of analyists just keeps getting lower and lower. My best advise on analysts is to do the opposite of what they recommend or, better yet, just ignore them!

    "Merrill upgrades FedEx, UPS to Neutral : Merrill Lynch upgrades FDX and UPS to Neutral from Sell, saying their concerns have been partially alleviated due to solid Q1 results as well as outside factors (pricing, economic, cost) which impacted FDX and UPS over the past few weeks."
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    I wouldn't be surprised while these analysts are dissing the stock, they are actually buying it. Get some negative press to knock the stock down a few points, which gives the opportunity for accumulation of shares.

    Its best to do one's own thinking. Personally, I can learn more about the stock price by simply looking at a price chart, which tells me more than anything an analyist could say.
  12. longups

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    Someone please show me an analyst who upgrades or downgrades a stock before it moves.
    For instance after yesterdays UPS conference call at least two companies upgraded UPS. Why did they not do it before the earnings announcement and subsequent stock rise? I guess they do it after the fact so they can't be wrong.
    Go figure!
  13. ups_vette

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    It's kinda like placing a bet on Syracuse in the NCAA finals after the game is over