Beating letter boxes.

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    I was trained to wait up until the min to scan a letterbox. So sometimes i get there a few mins early and i sit there and wait. I will normally clean my truck and do my truck inspection before returning to the shop. I have guys that keep asking me what time i came in from this certain route that has two late letterboxes. I guess they want to make sure i am not running and gunning but i found it an odd question. If the letterbox isn't until 7:00pm then how in the world would i get done before then which made me think guy either scan these boxes early or i guess they try and get others to cover the boxes? I wasn't sure if scanning them early was even an option. Even if it is i still wont do it but i was just curious.
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    It doesn't matter when you scan the barcode just as long as you are at the location when you stop complete the box. There are drivers who will either scan the box early and stop complete it elsewhere or will write down the barcodes, key enter them and stop complete them elsewhere.

    The few minutes you may save is not worth your job. Scan the box when you get there and make sure to close it out after the pickup time at that location.
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    It's hard to believe anyone could be that stupid with a GPS in the board and telematics, but drivers still do this kind of stuff.
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    Scanning them early isn't an option. Don't get into the bad habits that others might have. It's not worth losing your job. The ones that cheat the system get what they deserve in the end, an unemployment check.
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    I have been told as long as I stop complete past the time on the box then we are all good. Doesn't matter what time it says to pick up in diad.
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    Don't do it, there will always be some customer that will show up at 6:59 and want to drop something in the box that has already been picked up. Man up and do the pick up at 7:00!
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    why would you want to beat a letter box ? how much time is that gonna save you?
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    It doesn't matter when you scan the barcode--it only matters that you complete the pickup at or after the commit time while you are at the drop box. I routinely scan the box 5-10 minutes early and sit there doing other work while waiting for the commit time.
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    In the U.S., that's a federal offense.
  11. Indecisi0n

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    I would personall never do it because like you guys said its not worth my job. I was just curious about it.
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    Still amazes me that some of our guys fail to realize we get paid by the hour. Sit and wait. Easy money.
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    Ya know, that's all fine and dandy but what about our customers? Those letter boxes have a time on them. The customers (at least the regular customers) know what time frame they have to drop off by and know that we will be there to pick them up. Anyone who picks up a letter box prior to the commit time is just screwing our customers. Our customers pay our wages. I'm tired of this crap. Do your fricking job the way it's supposed to be done.:nono2:
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    I dont pick a letter box up before commit time on box. If the pu time is for 4 oclock on box i pick up after 4. But some routes have a pick up times that dont match in diad board. Like one route has commit time on drop box as 4pm but in diad it has 620. So if i get dont with the route before 620 i gotta stop complete it early in the board . I never pick it up earlier than the commit time on the box.
  16. dilligaf

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    If the diad commit and the box commit aren't the same then that needs to be corrected. It does matter what the diad says. If you stop complete at a different time than what the diad says it shows as a service failure. That service failure will show in a report and it will be on your record. Your ass is on the line. Just like any other pickup, there is a compliance window for letter boxes.

    As too my
    :nono2: , this entire thread pisses me off. We are supposed to be about customer service. Like many of the threads that are started with STUPID questions, this one just shows the 'me-ster' attitude that to many drivers have. CUSTOMER SERVICE people, we are about CUSTOMER SERVICE. As far as I am concerned, I don't give a damn what management says or does, I am the one that is sitting in that seat. I am the one that sees at the customer. It IS my integrity. Past that, all I can do is document managements responses to CMA.
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    I would change the time but I don't feel right about changing someone else's route. And before I asked supervisor about it I used to just wait at the box till 620. And I am one of the ones all about customer service. On Halloween I had a nda from party city I thought it might have been a kids costume so it took me 3 try's but I got it delivered. Once I had a package of medicine that had a bad hin label really suppose to go to different center and I went and made service on it even though it was a really bad part of town. So I know a little about customer service.
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ups2000, as you know we have a +/- 15 min window on pickups, which includes drop boxes. The regular driver may have the commit time at 1820 because that is when he knows he will be in that area.

    Dilli is right--the time on the box is only important for the customer--it is the time in the pickup log that we concern ourselves with. If you pick it up at 1600, even though the box does say 1600, are you over riding the "are you sure want to complete pickup" prompt? As Dilli said, this will show up on a report and you will be asked about it the following day.
  19. ups2000

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    If u have a drop box pu scheduled for 1820 and u try to stop complete it at 1819 it will ask you if you want to continue with stop complete or go back to pick up. Regular driver picks up before 1820. I've talked to him and the other cover driver they both stop complete it before pick up time in board. Never been talked to about stop completing before time in board. I'm not so sure the +/- 15 mins counts for drop boxes here. I say this bc one route has 5 pick ups inc drop box I get the 4 business on time and drop box a hour late and report says I was 100 % on pick up compliance.
  20. UpsguyDGAF

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    Ups has million dollar satalites with this stuff. If your board starts beeping because its not where you say you are DONT DO IT ! . Ive been fired for that, but got my job back. It sets off a RED FLAG for mgt to see. If anything just scan it and stop complete early. If you get heat for that from mgt, then wait there untill the proper pick up time.