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  1. hungrydude5

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    I'm from a small center in Washington PA, been working the local sort (Reload) for almost 3 years now. I want to get into feeders. But obviously the only feeders we have is the ones coming from new stanton to pick up the trailers I just filled haha. How do I go about getting into feeders, like what's the process. I really don't want to go into package car, any advice/help/tips are appreciated.
  2. yeldarb

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    If its like ours, you cant bypass package and go to feeders. You have to put your time in pkg to become a feeder driver, just like putting your part time in to be pkg.
  3. hoser

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    sounds like that's the reality, not a rule.

    it would be a pretty stupid rule, too.
    most senior employee has 5 years on package cars, external candidate has been driving big rigs for 30 years. if you ran a business, or you were at least accountable for who you hire and how they do in training, who would you pick?

    regardless, yeldarb does bring up a good point, for the situation that you're in, you'd probably be best going to a larger centre and driving. becuase if they have to choose from a 1 year driver or 3 year package handler... well....
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    Would UPS hire a driver with 10 years experence driving a semi..but none in the past few years. I have kept my cdl's and also have triples endorsement and had background check for hazmat. Does UPS require a hazmat endorsement? Someone said you must work as a package handler to get hired as a feeder that ture?
  5. yeldarb

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    I just finished feeder training in september, and I dont think it would matter to them if you had a cdl with another company, for the fact that UPS's way of doing things is not like others. They want you to learn the methods right, and form good habits. On the first day of training, they told me to forget everything I learned in package, and just slow down. Even with guys with CDL's elsewhere, are often mileage pay, and hurry faster than they should
  6. DS

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    Hoser my little friend,there is a certain process involved that makes it easier to decide,and it involves the teamsters.
  7. mpeedy

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    It wouldn't be smart for the company to hire feeder drivers from the outside.
    The injuries would go through the roof in package if most of the drivers did it till retirement.
  8. tieguy

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    sounds like you have local language against domiciling any feeder drivers in your building. You will have to check with your local steward to get an answer to your question.
  9. tieguy

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    we would love to because you are already trained but we have to bid the job which means someone with more seniority but less experience driving a tractor trailer may take the job.
  10. whiteturbo

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    Yes i do understand that UPS would not hire from outside until the current employes have turned it down. I also support that. Having worked for both union and non union companies........ I totaly support the Union. JMO
    One more question if you start out part time as a feeder driver would that pay scale be like full time starting at 70%? It has been years ago when i worked for a union company and then they payed close or equal to full time but with no benifets?
  11. cachsux

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    The standard order is package car then feeder. There have been some guys who were hired off the street into pkg car in the past. You won`t go from pt into feeder unless the company exhausts all eligible and willing pkg car drivers first (snowballs chance).
    No you don`t need a hazmat endorsement anymore,many of us have been dropping them as we renew our licsense.
  12. whiteturbo

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    I understand. The company i am wanting to drive for is in a small town and a route driver said no one inside wanted the feeder driver job......but you never know. Time will tell.
  13. Dutch Dawg

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    Life at UPS has taught me to think in terms of numbers....

    ..and if one has the ability, determination, and persistance coupled with patience. The statistics show that one can obtain a feeder driving position directly from package, part time or off the street. It's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time...well that and demand for the position. Of course the same can be said about playing in pro sports.

    Good luck
  14. over9five

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    "..many of us have been dropping them as we renew our licsense."

    Why? Does it cost more to renew if you have more endorsements?
  15. trickpony1

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    I think in order to renew a hazmat endorsement one must take a written test as well as pay, I think, $45.
    I used to have a hazmat endorsement but quickly dropped it because it was cheaper as well as the liability of having it.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Trick. I was thinking of getting hazmat and tanker endorsements on my vacation. (Never know when it could come in handy).

    I'll have to check the DMV website.
  17. whiteturbo

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    Now you must be fingerprinted and a background check. It cost 94.00 for the check and fingerprints and some states don't even have a fingerprint cneter. I am In Shelby NC and i had to make a 50 mile drive each way to get printed. My bordering state SC does not even have a fingerprint center.
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    come to hodgens il the cchil building they have been hireing off the street for years in the last 10 years know one from package car has come in to feeder road driver not many from package want to come over to feeder city or road
  19. yardman

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    Some supplemental agreements have language like this?
  20. whiteturbo

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    I wish i could come to IL. I have been to
    Chicago and loved it there. I have other intrest in my area that keeps me here. I wanted to apply for a job with UPS years ago but could not get off work to apply. Long ago UPS placed a newspaper add in the Charlotte NC paper and took applacitions one day only for like two hours.
    Thanks for the kind words.