Becoming an aircraft mechanic at UPS

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    Hey, I see that UPS have posted to the street a few aircraft mechanic jobs. I have applied but i doubt I will even get called for an Interview. I have the required experience and a/c type. I currently work full time at American Airlines and have been here a few years. I would really love to get on, I was wondering if it would be worth my time to become a package handler at UPS part with hopes of transfering to the mechanic side. Or would that just be a complete waste of time. Any guideance would be great!
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    Bring in a few model airplanes on the interview for demonstration purposes.
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    Not sure if we have any aircraft mechanics in here if we do hopefully one will see this and chime in. I am a automotive mechanic, there are a few of us and I think a few plant mechanics on here.

    Do not take a package handler job. Nothing to gain and could screw you if you tell some stupid hub sup to go :censored2: off and get yourself harassed out the door. You probably would still get on but why take the chance.
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