being rotated everyday

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Matt Glowacki, Jul 30, 2019.

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    Is this seven again
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    Yeah and I just want to sit at home and eat cheetos and jerk off but I can't

    Well at least only half the week I can't.

    It's the job man. Suck it up.
  3. Dave?
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    nice game plan
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    You guys have another cat box party at @Future house?
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    Well thanks for all the help guys. I guess i know what im doing :)
  8. 542thruNthru

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    Just don't be stupid and tell them hint at the reason you're going slower.
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    gotcha, thanks man
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    You two still live at home? Share a room? How close are you two?
  11. lolbr

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    The way the contract reads, you "should" be able to pick to load or unload based on seniority. You just don't get to pick which trucks/trailers you work in. Getting management to understand and the union to back you are other issues.
  12. The Range

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    All that matters is it is possible to force this change as an individual part-timer. It can be difficult but it is doable.
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    First, if one supervisor or more doesn't like you, all I can say is bend over. Also, loading isn't mandatory. They can put whoever wherever on any given day. I've seen super performers get replaced with knuckle draggers that required constant help, and I've seen knuckle draggers promoted to driving quicker than anybody else. In fact, the slower you are at package handling in the building the faster you can become God's gift to the company - a full-time driver. The standards are now so low to become a driver that I'm afraid you're going to be even more upset when you're loading the package car of this guy you think should be loading trucks more often. Yes, everything is backwards and that's how the company likes it. After all, most of management is low-IQ, so why fight it. Just go with the flow and any chance you can take it right up the bung hole for the team, I say go for it. :)
  14. BiggieBrown

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    Can you be disciplined for having misloads?
    I was written up recently and I'm pretty salty about it and been thinking of ways to retaliate.
    Was thinking of just throwing a few misloads in there every day but not sure if you can get in trouble for it.
  15. Staydryitsraining

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    You want to stop loading trucks? Simple, follow the methods, it will slow you down so much they wont want you loading. Why are you going so slow? Working safe, following the methods and doing the best I can.
  16. BadIdeaGuy

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    They can and will try.
    Hopefully your union rep decides to throw you to the wolves, and not defend you.

    Think it through.

    You messed up.
    Management is trying to punish you for messing up.
    Your solution is to screw a bunch of drivers who had nothing to do with it, and who just want to get home.

    Really sticking it to the man, huh?
  17. BiggieBrown

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    the write up was BS and all the drivers are dickheads at my center so it's not like I care if they have a few misloads.
    "hopefully your union rep decides to throw you to the wolves" you sound like the most butthurt guy on the planet lmao
  18. Misloads cost big money. I can't say I only delivered a few packages to the wrong house

    Dear lord.
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  19. 542thruNthru

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    Yes you can be disciplined for misloads just like a driver can be disciplined for misdelivering. It's called "improper methods".
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    Just call in for a month!