Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls

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    Has anyone tried Schweddy Balls? Can you sample Schweddy Balls or do you have to get a scoop of Schweddy Balls. I called the store and asked if they had Schweddy Balls and they hung up on me. I even sent my mom to the store with Schweddy Balls on the grocery list, she came home and said she couldn't find any Schweddy Balls anywhere.
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    No, I have not seen the flavor.
    My local store keeps too much of Steven Colbert's flavor on the shelf and not enough Chubby Hubby.
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    Chubby. Hehehehehehe

    I think if you go to the store and find a nice sales clerk, I think they will help you find some Schweddy Balls.
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    Maybe Chubby Sweedy Balls, too ?
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    I haven't made it to the local B&J's, but have called to query them about their Schweddy Balls. I was told that I could sample Schweddy Balls before committing to a scoop of Schweedy Balls. I think it would be best to get Schweedy Balls in a cup. I can never eat a cone fast enough, and would not want Scheedy Balls dripping down my hand.
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    Ben & Jerry's makes their ice cream in a plant just outside of Burlington, VT. I have been there before for the tour and tasting. Once a year the retail shops have a free ice cream cone day.
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    They took the U of Penn short ice cream course. It's offered once a year. It's about 6 days straight. I think it's Jan 8, 2012 this year. $1200, or close to that. I might take it this year.
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    Ben & Jerry’s Endorses Anti-Corporation Wall Street Occupiers, Seemingly Unaware They’re Owned By Mega-Conglomerate Unilever…

    Hippie hypocrisy.
    (Beltway Confidential) — Ben and Jerry’s, the ice cream maker owned by international mega-conglomerate Unilever, has endorsed the anti-corprorate Occupy Wall Street protests. A statement on the company’s website declares:
    We, the Ben & Jerry’s Board of Directors, compelled by our personal convictions and our Company’s mission and values, wish to express our deepest admiration to all of you who have initiated the non-violent Occupy Wall Street Movement and to those around the country who have joined in solidarity. The issues raised are of fundamental importance to all of us.
    Ben and Jerry’s was sold to Unilever in 2000 for $326 million​
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    Ok, so my talk of Ben & Jerry's seasonal offering of a mouth watering flavor of ice cream named after a famous SNL sketch called Schweddy Balls landed me in hot water after Friday's PCM.
    It all started after my shop steward over heard a conversation that included myself and several other employees talking about Schweddy Balls ice cream. (Side bar, this shop steward and I have never gotten along, well not in the last 20 or so years.)

    I did not start this conversation, but absolutely participated. It was a group of at least 8 people, men, women, gay, lesbian, black, white, Christian, and non Christian, my point, it was a diverse group of people. The shop steward was not in this group but instead only overheard parts of the conversation. So I was surprised when after the PCM, I was asked to join a group which included an on car sup, the offended shop steward, and shop steward B. The sup begins to explain why we are in our disciplinary circle and I quote, "You used disgusting and unprofessional lanuage in a conversation that was over heard by (offended shop steward.)"

    Now I have to admit that my reaction could have been handled differently. I tend to get a little loud and don't stop talking until you have heard what I have to say about what you just told me. I think it's called a character defect. The sup did manage to hear my side of the story, despite my reaction. Offended shop steward saw that she was beginning to lose mojo with her original complaint, began complaining about my service to the shared customers we have on our routes. She said "You need to start doing your job and deliver packages instead of recording them emergency condition dog." In my center when a package can't be delivered because of a customer's animal we are instructed to record as ECD with dog in the remarks. I'm not sure what offended shop steward was thinking, that somehow trying to throw me under the bus for doing what I have been told to do was going to help her complaint of my "disgusting and unprofessional language."

    If this was a movie, this is the flashback part. Two months ago offended shop stewart and I had another run in that required a post PCM circle of discipline that included the center manager, offended shop stewart and myself. Offended was upset with me for telling her that I was no longer willing to put up with her ever chaining and unpredictable mood. I said, "I am done with you and no longer wish to have anything to do with you please leave me alone." If you have every broken up with someone you know what she said next, and no, we are not, have not, and never will be romantic. She said, "Why, what did I do?"

    There are many many answers to this question, but none of them matter. We just don't get along. My answer to her question, "It doesn't matter and I don't want to talk about it, I'm done leave me alone." She didn't like my answer and repeatedly asked me why why why, so I told her, "your crazy and schizophrenic," hence the circle of discipline. Center manager tried to get me, us, to "get along" "find some common ground" blah blah blah, it ended with center manger telling me not to call offend shop steward crazy and schizophrenic. Not a problem since I have no intention of speaking to her again or talking about her or having absolutely anything to do with here and have not done so, until the massive Schweddy Balls incident. You may now flash forward. be continued
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    Wow...there's 10 seconds of my life I'll never get back...
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    It says ".... to be continued". Maybe part 2 "The Offended Shop Steward: Attack of the Hot Flashes" will be better.