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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by toonertoo, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Just a quick poll, exactly how many pay periods should it take to recieve bereavement pay?
  2. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    I have received it on the next check.
  3. Should be the next check.
  4. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Me too. Came just like if I had worked it.

  5. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    So if it happened on the 7th, and I didnt get the obit to them til the 13th, it wouldnt be expecting too much to have it on the 23rd?
  6. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Did you take any time off?

    Unless you take time off, dont know if they owe anything. IF you have to show them the papers to prove the death occurred, then yes, they should be able to help get it done,

    In our building, Monday is the deadline for paycheck changes. If you brought it to them by 13, that would be the week before the next pay period, allowing them 10 days for the pay. So yes, I would expect it by then.

    And since it is a negotiated term in pay, that would fall under the shortage in the check portion of the contract. If they do not get the money to you by the following Monday or Tuesday, then file to get the additional money due you. And keep filing until they get the money to you. Anything longer than that is abuse or just plain incompetence.

  7. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    Yes I took the time off and went to texas, from Ohio. the funeral was on Saturday the 10th, I went back to work on the 13th, and yes I had to provide an obit as they think we fake death as a reason to be off work here........... I guess. I missed the last 3 days of the week ending the 10th and the monday the 12th. Which is my four days allowed. Gave them the obit and they said "well we dont know how long it will take" but all time card corrections have to be in by monday at 12 so I just assumed I would have it this week. I am on "vacation" so I called (930am) and told them it wasnt there on, and asked them to check on it and they said they would "let me know" 618pm no call back. They blame it on labor dept. I just think in this hi tech world we live in they could eliminate this hassle and just pay us and if we "fake a death" then they should fire us. Its available on the net for Gods sake. I guess no one in the dept responsible knows what it costs to fly 1200 miles, with a last minute fare, and rent a car and pay for lodging, etc, etc, or it hasnt happened to them yet. I guess I should be not worried as I will get it eventually, but why are the drivers the only ones held accountable, not the sups, not hr, not labor, etc, etc. Im sure this happens to others and Im not asking for pity, but when you work somewhere, as long as I have You would THINK, maybe someone would care, and they do not. I miss a weeks pay I know it......Maybe most of them or you can take it as I can but shouldnt have to. Its a time filled with stress and the last thing you should have to fight for is your benefit from your job.
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Danny says incompetence, but how much skill does it take to add this in???

    I believe they F with us simply because they can. It should be in your next paycheck. If it's not, FILE, and tell them you want it Saturday delivery to your home.
  9. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    its incompetence#1 but it is employee incompetence #2
    In order to get paid for the 4 days I was off my brother needed to die on thursday am instead of wednesday. Because I can only have 2 days before and 2 days after paid. Now lets see he dies at 2am, should I go to work that day and be safe in my job or Thursday when I was making arrangements? Or Friday when I had to leave at 6am. And I came back on Tuesday, I got back Monday afternoon. And thats the good news before they even get it to me in a somewhat timely manner. But I got the call tonight, they are "shooting" for tomorrow..........WEll thats nice I live an 80mi rt, how about nda sat?. Which does me absolutely no good other than they had to do it, I cant get to the bank til next Sat. Im telling you, you need to tell your relatives which days to die on.......... and keep in mind travel time, because somewhere in this whirlwind I should have reported in.............. to get paid the max time. But I have none left to die, so learn from me. UPS sucks when it comes to being a caring company. They may be number 1 everywhere else, but caring about their employees, bottom of the barrel.
  10. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    First sorry for your loss. Second if your pay is not correct on tomorrows check, and they don't NDA you a check on Sat. file a grievance for penalty pay. Article 56 states all payroll shortages for full time employee's greater than $30.00 will be corrected the next work day.
  11. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    If you could have had it to them on the 11th, you could have had two penalties so far.

    But if they do not have it on your check tomorrow, let them know and let them know they have to have it delivered to your home by Saturday. If not, you are entitled to penalty pay. And for each pay period they do not have it for you, there is another penalty pay period. If I remember correctly, on a pay problem not to long ago, I got two penalties in the first week, as there are two penalty periods with in the first week under our contract.

    Stick it to them.

    And if they drag their feet, after a week or two you will double your money. It will be the easiest money you ever made.

    Sorry for the reason though!

  12. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I plan on it, and if not this time it wont be long til I have another reason to file for more money, it is a pattern with them and Me.
    Sorry for venting, and thanks for the condolences. I never got 1 from them.
  13. 30andout

    30andout New Member

    Sorry for your loss tooner, they not only want the obit in my center but also a quart of blood, I think thats a bit tacky.
  14. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    we had and person whose father died 4 days before Christmas and the manager actually was stupid enough to announce at the morning AM meeting that so and so's Dad wasn't a very considerate UPS Dad for having a heart attack during Christmas rush. Is it any wonder why management is hated so much?
  15. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    I'm very sorry that you lost your brother, tooner.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    "I'm very sorry that you lost your brother, tooner."

    As am I. AND, I apologize to Tooner for my going off on management before I even offered my condolences.

    ...always shoot my mouth off before I think...
  17. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    I appreciate the consideration that we all give each other here. Trust me it doesnt bother me when someone doesnt say it, I know they feel it. WE all dont know each other, but we still care about each other. Im p'od that I didnt get paid, but I did see the sup fax it in on the 13th, so I do not even blame him. And as Dannyboy said it will be the easiest money I ever made, and my brother will be proud. Id be real suprised to see a UPS truck at my door tomorrow, because no one including mgt has the time to follow up on higher ups not doing their jobs, they are too busy whipping us. Ill just file my very first grievance, and watch them cry. Ill act like I dont even care that it didnt matter to them, coz I know their lives are more distraught than ours. I didnt call, Im not into begging, and I never got a call other than last nite, and there didnt need to be any calls if all UPSERS did their jobs, instead of just the ones who get numbers printed out on them every day showing their performance. So thanks to all for the poll and advice, I do appreciate it. have a great weekend.
  18. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry about your loss tooner.

    My father died 2 years ago this September. His funeral was on a Tuesday, my center manager called me Wednesday and said, "you know you're supposed to be back to work today". He followed that up with,"I'm not trying to be insensitive but we're really short handed".

    UPS could give a flip about us or our families. When I read stories like tooners it just reminds me what dirty jerks we work for.
  19. yeldarb

    yeldarb Member

    we had a driver get fired, because he took bereavement for a funeral, and couldnt produce the program or obit....Turned out, he didnt go to the funeral at all.
  20. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    On a more positive note,when my mother died both my immediate supes showed up at the funeral.I hardly knew them and thought it was a bit weird,but they were very understanding.