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  1. fedup01

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    Hi All,

    I am currently a FedEx driver, 3 years in as a full time courier. I am looking to make the switch as soon as possible, if possible. I know a PM manager at one of the local hub's and I am trying to find out my best avenue for getting on as a driver. Would it be better to go through him or to go through the online application process? Just looking for some insight.

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    Hey FedUp.... I'm right there with you.... Its time to leave Uncle Fred....
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    As you may or may not know, UPS hires 6 "insiders" (read part timers) to one outsider (read UPS management or 'others'). 6:1 ratio. Most of us got hired by wading through the part time route. In my center, the last time they hired anyone off the street was in 1990. And I mean a true off the street, walk up to the center and put in an application, I know nobody at UPS, thing. That's the way it works here in Norcal. If you are in a "boom" area things might be totally different. I am sure that others here will tell you how it works in their area. I would talk to the UPS drivers you see and ask them what the job sit is and start there. Good luck!
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    I wasn't expecting to be hired full time right away-I am expecting and willing to take a part time gig. Just wasn't sure if it's best to talk to the manager I know or go through the whole on-line process. I am in the Atlanta area, so I'm assuming we'd be considered a "booming" area. Thanks for the replys so far though! I'm just trying to gain some insight.
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    I would do both, Fedup--talk to your friend AND do the online thing. Your friend in the hub can tell HR you've applied and they can pull the application. UPS literally gets 100+ applications a week. Yours is just one more until an HR rep pulls it. -Rocky

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Just curious .....after 3 years, why the urge to leave??
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    Well, Atlanta might be a booming area but the wait to go full-time driving at our local hub (P-Dale) is approximately 9 years. I'm there 6 years now and there is a long line in front of me waiting for the full-time call. The last cover drivers that went full time had 9+ years senority. I'm not sure about Fulton Industrial or Forest Park (We have a mod here that knows both of those hubs) but I'm guessing it's pretty much the same. Roswell has a long wait also. Atlanta is a growing city. However, it doesn't really equate more routes. It means more stops per route.
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    Just out of curiosity, what is the starting pay for part time drivers?
  9. RanMan

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    You may have better luck at one of the extended centers. They have far fewer part timers waiting for driver positions.
    At the center I work at it takes about 3 years to become a driver. We sent 5 to driver school this year. That is out of 15 part timers.
    I was hired as a Christmas driver and was called back the following April. Never worked p/t. 20 years ago though.
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    Hey Fedup, I would say do both. Talk to the P.M. Manager you know (That might be your best bet) But also apply online. I also know fed-ex Drivers on my route (both fed-ex ground and fed-ex air) and both have asked me how to apply at UPS. You sound like your young so I would start the process now. Even if you start as a part-timer, You will at least have access to full medical benefits (unlike fed-ex) and remember even though your part-time you will be given the option to utility drive for sick drivers or vacations, run air, work on Saturday. There is always something to do at UPS. When I was part-time I worked over 40 hours every week. I would work the pre-load in the morning and run air and splits in the afternoon. Trust me your pay will be a lot more than fed-ex. I've been with UPS 23 years (4 p/t & 19 f/t) and I made $80,000 in 2006 with full benifets, Also we are about to wrap up another 5 year contract with the teamsters. Now is a good time to apply. Ask your manager about christmas help to get your foot in the door.
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    Here in Red river District in Tx, the guy that does the hiring willnot even talk to you until yo fill out the online app. Do that and then have your contact put in a good word for you. Good luck.
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    When you refer to part time, are you guys referring to part time driver, part time loader/handler or a part time do-whatever-they-want kind of thing? I've heard that part time drivers make much more than a loader-so I'm just a little confused as to what is meant as part time. I'm planning to apply online, but all I see open is handlers or driver help. Should I just apply for a handler to get my foot in the door? I'm just a little confused! Thanks for all the help and insight so far!
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    I see that you are in the Atlanta area and wanting to come over to the Brown Side. I work out of our Forest Park Hub and the waiting time to go full-time driving from part-time work is about five years. We have a few guys who just get hired off the street. Jack4343 works out of the Pleasantdale Hub on the north side and posted the wait is nine years there, which seems high to me. I don't know what the wait is out at the Atlanta Hub off Fulton Industrial on the west side, near where I live. There is also a Package Center in Roswell, I have no info on the wait there either.
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    The biggest thing you have to understand. You are tied to the local you join. It isn't like FedEx with a global opening computer to allow you to bid anywhere. Join a local and make the union in a slow area....well.

    I was a 4 year FedEx Express Courier. If your good....and take a long hard look at yourself. Be honest there. Willing to work several months then take a Layoff, collect unemployment and find alternate work part of the year.

    The quickest way is through the outside bid. Though it takes extremely positive work in the company's eyes and you need to be able to make and use networks with your center manager's and HR.