Best time to start using a driver helper?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rented Ammo, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Rented Ammo

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    Hello I'm a new driver who started work on October 13th and I just want to know when the best time is that I should start using my helper. Early in the morning its very rough to find things in order and it seems to me its a waste of time to have me sit there and try to find a package as the helper stands there waiting. Should I start him later in the day instead of right off the bat? Also management tells me to.drop him off with a handcart full of stops while i go do something else. This takes time to set up the cart should I use this method? Thanks for any advice I'm trying to prepare as much as possible for peak
  2. DS

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    10:30 express pkgs need to come off first.Next task is the remaining noon commits and the bulk stops.
    Being that only you know the routine and the area,you should utilize a helper in a way that saves you time.Every route differs,
    so its your call.If its all residential,give him all the driver release and do the sig req and cod's yourself.Or if he's good with the diad,
    go the opposite way.Make him do everything that takes time while you prerecord the next 5 stops.
    Have a nice peak:)
  3. yeldarb

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    I start mine at 11. That way, I get the 1030's off, and it also gives me time to get some bulk or irregs off that might be in my way. It is important to have room to sort a little and get your stops in order. Also, the pick up location needs to work for you. I pick mine up at a drop box, so I can easily drop him off at 5, when I pick up the box. If I need to keep him longer, it isnt too far off my path to drop him off.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My helper works in the hub at night so I only have him until 1530 at the latest. His Dad, who also works at UPS, drops him off with me at my first stop (WallMart) at 0930 and I drop him off at his Mom's (on area) when we have gotten to the point where I can finish on my own. This has varied from 1230 to 1430 the first week.

    As DS said, only you know the particulars of your area. You should be using your helper in the way that most benefits you. He also mentioned COD's. Make sure you keep all COD's in your DIAD--it will make your turn in much easier.
  5. Rented Ammo

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    Sweet thanks guys. I'm on a split route with all residential stuff. I like the 11am idea cuz they gave me a small automatic truck with 200 plus stops and a lot of packages. You can even get inside once u open the bulkhead. It's crazy
  6. Rented Ammo

    Rented Ammo Member

    Can't. That extra 30 mins will help me get all the huge stuff out of the way
  7. Raw

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    I use mine at 1pm, I get off my next days and schools and like to get a bit cleared off and organized first so helper isn`t standing around, I also just like using a helper for resi`s. I`m sure when the shot hit`s the fan I will start my helper at 11:00 am
  8. hellfire

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    i start mine at 1030,, i use him all day or untill i know i will be done at a good time,, he is a pure runner, no diad use,,yes i fight to find pkgs and he sits while i sort (plays with his damn phone) but we make the time up
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Rather than have him sit and play with his damn phone, why not teach him how to sheet residential stops and he could prerecord as you sort?
  10. Raw

    Raw Raw Member

    HUH? Diad already has them pre-recorded??
  11. over9five

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    I think I'll start my helper shortly after Peak....
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather. that when you go back to PC and clean up the mess on your area?
  13. probellringer

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    get rid of bulk stops and overweight/oversize so you have room in your pc...otherwise you'll waste time looking for stuff-and going back to same stop 2-3-4 i hate that---
  14. yeldarb

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    No need to prerecord with PAS. With PAS, the nice thing is you can look for your next few stops while he is delivering...The bad thing, you might be looking for your next stop wasting time, when it was loaded on the wrong car...
  15. UPSGUY72

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    It all depends on the route that your on I try to have most of my business done by the time I pick up my helper.

    As for how to us the helper I will never drop my helper off with a 2-wheeler full of packages. He more benificial to me running off packages. I also pull over and spend 5 min sorting the next 30 or 40 stops which is about and hour of work so I only have to reach in the back and the pass the packages to my helper get back in my seat and get ready to go to the next stop istead of looking for the next stop as my helper waits for me to find it.

    If you have aparment building with alot of stops then it might be benifical to give your helper a 2-wheeler full of packages and go do something else but even at that you have to waste the time going back to pick him up so it really doesn't save anytime.
  16. helenofcalifornia

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    Ah, the pure runner! That is a good thing. Mine bolted out that door like the wind and came back the same way. He was a natural runner and enjoyed it. Plus he was young and invincible. Couldn't slow the kid down if I wanted to so just adjusted to finishing the route an hour earlier. Kudo's to the pure runners.
  17. probellringer

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    really happy with my kid...19 yrs old....and NO CELL PHONE... so he's got no distractions from his friends waking up at 2pm
  18. brownnugget

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    Get your airs off first... Knock off a few bulk stops if possible. Have him/her run business while your setting up! You get the most bang out of your helper with your resedential deliveries if the area is tight. When I drop off my helper I make sure they have a cell phone and my number so they can call me if they had questions. I know how long it should take them and if there not at meet point they usually call or I'll contact them.