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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by area43, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Hey folks, just a quick note. First, Im no computer guru as you might can tell. Anyhow, it has come to my attention by my wife via her co-workers at the hospital that Google has a new or maybe old feature. There might be other search engines out there that do the same thing, but this is the first that I am made aware of. Ok, all you need is your area code and phone number. When that is entered your whole first and last name will appear and your wife's also(if applicable). Second your full home address is shown. Third the Map Google shows exactly where you live. I might be niave and relatively new at this stuff, so I might sound a little,dumb. LOL

    In closing, be careful if you have children that go on the internet or even yourself. Remember, were all anonymous, yes there should be a high level of trust and honesty, but you never know. Just use common sense. I hope this dosen't make everyone to paranoid. Just let a lengthy amount of time go by before giving even a phone number out as you can see that's all it takes. It appears it dosen't work with cell numbers. At least in my case. So, go ahead. Go to Google and put in your phone number. There is a small window(hard to see) where you can have your info removed. Curious, members please post if your info comes up. If it does, I would highly suggest for you to remove it.

    sincerely Area 43
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    So, I'm supposed to be worried about information that is just as easily obtained through the phone book?
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    Or Listen To Some One Who Cant Even Spell HIs Home State? Just Kidding.....
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    It doesn't work here
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    A43, the site you mentioned has been around for a while. But what I wasn't aware of until recently was a Zabasearch that can be done within the land of Google:enter a person's name and the state they live in and their date of birth, phone number, the addresses they've lived at and maps of their homes appear. And a background check can be purchased. Better yet, a Zillow Real Estate valuation, also on Google, provides the value of any home address that's entered. One of the UPS folks here who was once downsized became an IRS agent and I'm always getting interesting little tidbits from her...

    And this personal info is all a matter of public record, so I don't know if a stop could be put to any of it. So much for being a law abiding citizen, minding one's own business, and staying within the lines, because the lines are our friends....:bored::confused:1

    I think more of us should fall off the face of the earth and enter the Witness Protection Program!! (I'm sure Alberto Gonzales would make room for us...)
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    Google only makes the info available,faster. In the 1950's the same info could be found out, but you would have to hire a private detective to comb public records.