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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dropkicker, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Can someone tell me if a part time bid air driver (not combo driver) of 5 years at top rate $20.62 has to take a cut in pay if they are needed to help in another area of the hub .ie local sort? :dissapointed:
    - Here is the scinario I was running multiple shuttles during peek in december.
    - My schedule-
    At 16:00 pm I would shuttle in air from my local area for the east coast shuttle, then I would help load the east shuttle that leaves at 17:00 pm. Once my duties were done for that portion I was needed in local sort (because they were very short handed), before my westcoast shuttle started at 18:00 pm.

    So in that break between 17:00 and 18:00 pm, am I supposed to get payed my bid air wage or local sort wage. I am disputing this because I was payed my normal bid air rate 2 out of the 3 weeks of peek. Payrole said I was payed correct for the lesser amount of $14.77 during that one week. feeder didnt want to pay me for local sort time which is understandable however my dispute is weather its justified there is nothing in the contract that actually defines this situation, and no one can really tell me for sure.

    please help me :anxious:

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    Different pay scale. Basically, your pay rate inside in local sort should be the equivalent of your part-time seniority date. If you have around 5 years or so, 14.77$/hr sounds ballpark.
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    Thank you for telling me, thats seems to be the assumption by the supervisors too. However, Just for the record- I am not angry here just a little preturbed thats all.

    I am not jumpin on any one here but here is my reaction.

    If I am being forced to work local sort and I dont want to. They can make me and I get payed less? is that what your saying?

    If thats a fact then something needs to change there. Were does it state that in the contract for bid air shuttle drivers? Also full time drivers dont have to take a lesser pay for working local sort if they are needed.
    why does a bid air driver.
    that doesnt seem right at all.:knockedout:
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    The full time drivers usually only have one pay rate for all jobs that they do unless they are covering feeders and then they get the regular feeder rates. Part timers are the unlucky ones that get paid by the job that they do in our local supplement. Is it different elsewhere?
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    You're right it doesn't sound legitimate. I would check with your local supplement and ask a steward or BA the same questions you posed here. Unfortunately it's WAD, so you really don't have much of a choice about what jobs you're doing. But, there could be a fight if your supplement or even the master clarifies that you should be paid the highest rate for all hours worked if you do drive a shuttle for a portion of your hours. Again, best to ask a steward.
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    I drive all my hours shuttle except when I am loading it, and loading is part of my job detail, as well as unloading when I get to the airport. I was told that I become invisible to everyone "so to speek" because of the numbers game. If thats the case then that should happen as well when I am back at the shop, being asked to help out when I really should be taking a break or working on my on line assesments. So I have some things in the works with the steward and or local so we will see what happens. Thank you guys and gals for your input, feel free to add anything if you want ..

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    We have two Shuttle Drivers in my Hub. Both of them are FT Package Drivers, these are bid jobs that are worked into a regular Package Driver job. One shuttles EAMs from the airport and the other driver shuttles missorts from another local Hub. They both fill out Feeder Time Cards for the shuttle work.
  8. 705red

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    Ask your sup if he has a package car driver sort and load does he pay them preload pay?

    If they use a sorter to unload which they do do they loose the extra buck an hour? No

    I hope you have talked with your union steward about this, because as you can see there are several different supplements and depending on were you are it could differ.