Bidding Feeder School Issues ????


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There was a post from "Porter" "has anyone gone to feeder school from a porter job"
I know this Porter... we are in the Eastern US
In our center we have fulltime clerks and porters that any driver can bid on if they chose, there is about a $1.40 pay cut from top driver rate and all insurance stays the same.. SWEET DEAL.. BUT there is ZERO overtime... so we take all the seconds we can get.
This Porter has been with the company for 28 years and I beleive he has drove for 22 of those and bid a porter job to get out of bundles. Now he wants to go into feeders to make some extra cash before he retires in a few years, FATTEN UP THE NEST EGG.....
His name was the highest seniority name on the intent sheet and he was TURNED DOWN...:sad: The contract states bidders must have 1 year safe driving...
He is a PORTER... he had 20ish safe years when he bid a porter job... how they say he cant bid on a feeder job... unless he goes back to driving for a year accident free.


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Unless he has a citation or chargable offense in the last year he is eligible for the school. You do not have to drive just a UPS vehicle a year accident free. It's simply accident free. Or actually citation free. UPS or your vehicle. Of course it's 3 years for a Reckless, negligent or DUI. If he's got a clean record he should be in school or you folks need a new buisness agent.


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"His name was the highest seniority name on the intent sheet and he was TURNED DOWN..."

Sounds like someone has to file an easy-win grievance!

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Our regional supplement states "To qualify for attendance at the tractor-trailer school, the employee must have one (1) year UPS safe driving for the year preceding his/her application to attend the school." So the way it has been done here is they post a intent sheet for full-time drivers, then if they did not get enough that meet 100% of the criteria they then post intent sheet for inside full-time employees where the criteria are all the same except instead of one year UPS safe driving it is the same language as going full-time pkg. from part-time.