Biden signs executive order mandating vaccination.


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Hey, he warned all of you.


Cowboy Mac

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Whatever, it’s a free society. Don’t want a job? Don’t want to fly, go to sporting events, concerts , cruises, other countries, it’s your freedom of choice. It’s not forced, it’s a decision.
I bet you voted yes on the last contract since you like the idea of second class citizens so much.


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It's an executive order not law. Will go to supreme court. Don't talk about other mandates. Small pox killed 30 percent of the population and 80 percent of kids. Not .02


Impeach Hunter Biden
Whatever. Enjoy the fact your walls of ignorance are closing in. I will be here to constantly remind you of your ignorant reality closing in . Hope this helps
Do you like being forced to do things you don't want to do? If you do then you have won the argument. If not then you should remember the golden rule.


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That's already his job except for #5. It's not to dictate my health care decisions .
You asked me what else I'd like him to control in my life. You didn't asked what new things I'd like.

Settle down tiger. You just joined today and you can't tell when someone is screwing with you. You'll be perfect in the Current Event thread. :)