Big Brown - The Untold Story of UPS

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    As many UPSers may be aware, there is a just released book about the first hundred years of UPS, titled "Big Brown - The Untold Story of UPS" by Greg Niemann. The book is fast-paced, engaging and easy to read. This reader was able to zip through it in one day. The book lives up to its title, as it is not a corporate puff piece written for the centennial. Although the general overall success of the company is the main theme, mistakes and warts are exposed as well. UPSers will be familiar with story itself, although the book offers a deeper insight into areas few will probably be aware of. The biographical sketch of Jim Casey for example, makes this book worth the price of admission. One can see what drove this man forward to achieve extremely high levels of success. There are also interesting stories about the other founders of the company, who are often overlooked because of Jim Casey's larger than life legacy. Furthermore, the book may even fill in a few holes about the history of the company. There are details in the text; this reader hasn't seen anywhere else.

    The author has a website in his name - Greg Niemann where one can learn more about the author, how to order a copy for yourself and there is supplemental information for "Big Brown" as well. Overall, this book offers a realistic historical perspective for the past 100 years of service and every UPSer who decides to read this book should find a professional genealogical connection to the text. In fact, the book should serve as a trip down memory lane and the reader may even find oneself debating some of the issues the book tackles. For example, the Brown Cafe is cited on page 86 in the text and the author quotes a few posters commenting about the current state of the multi-employer pension plans. The author also outlines the current public vs. private debate many UPSers are having amongst themselves, as another example. The timing of the release of the book makes sense, as one should obtain a greater appreciation of how the company got where it is today and it is a compelling story worth knowing.
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    Thats what I want to do. Read about ups on my time. How much do you get for pushing this mastepiece?
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    Nothing. Thanks for the cynical response. If you don't want to read the book, then don't.
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    You are welcome. I don't and I won't.
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    My first visit to this site and I get to read quality respones from someone named Dino. Wasn't Dino the pet dinosaur in The Flintstones ? You know the cartoon, it took place during the stone age...the time of big, dumb, lumbering neanderthals.............
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    I'm actually interested in reading it. Thanks for the review:thumbup1:
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    my2cents....just received my copy from Amazon's been ordered for months. Now, I just need to find the time to read it.:)
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    Then why are you reading about UPS on BrownCafe?
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    I received my copy yesterday as well via Amazon. I decided to read it right out of box and kept going until I finished it. I found it worth my time. The review is written for those who have an interest in reading the book, just like any book review one reads on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
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    I cant find the energy to read this book (wish I could) What ever happened to the big brown lie and why is it impossible to find a copy?

    Ps UPS also got unitedpackagesmashers off the internet. I seen alot of really bad situations at our job but damn some of those pictures were messed up.
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    This getting off subject, but my guess is "The Big Brown Lie" didn't sell to well. It's a great read for those who have a zest for experiencing nausea and depression. I wrote a review for that title on this board and chances are its buried in the archives somewhere.
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    I assume you are reading about UPS on Browncafe on "your time".
  13. If you don't want to read the cynical response, then don't.
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: I believe the correct term would be "OWNED"

    I'm looking forward to reading this new book...
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    heh dino got pwnt
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    Do you even realize how your statement makes you look, posted here on the Brown Cafe on YOUR TIME?...:w00t: You may as well sign off for good because we wouldn't want you to waste your precious time...:lol::lol:
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    i just picked up the book and i can not wait to get into it
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    If you believe that the teams are the fuel for the Brown Machine, then you might want to try this book. I read it years ago. It may be an oldy, but it's a goody. Selling for $.01 on Amazon.

    Teamsters by Steven Brill (Paperback - Oct 1, 1979).
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    I had not heard of this book. Thanks for the information and review. It sounds interesting. I'll get a copy.
    By the way. I have a friend that worked as a pharmasist @ Walgreens for many years, (now retired) and during the centinial year of that company they sent all their employees a nice big hardbound book containing the history of the company. It was very interesting even for a non-employee. I wonder if UPS plans on doing something like this.
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    I was about to buy a copy of "Big Brown Lie" right when it came out and changed my mind at the last second and kind of forgot about it. I looked into it a few months later and it was no where to be found. There was a copy on Ebay a while back but I didn't bid on it.

    I ordered "Big Brown-The Untold Story of UPS" along with "Changing How the World Does Business: FedEx's Incredible Journey to Success - The Inside Story". I figured the FedEx read would be interesting as well.