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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Mr.Blonde, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Hopefully they Terminated that labor guy paying a employee 17 grand cause you don’t want to walk through the guard shack
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    o rly?
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    Nope, he got promoted right after it finished
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    Had a back pay/progression issue that, after taxes, netted 4 grand
    I kept good records because I had a feeling they would eff it up
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    Wouldn't that be Hoffa/Keegel?
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    It was the Hoffa/Keegel administration....

    But, Hall was co-chair to Ron Carey when the language was negotiated.
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    Work moving from my building to another. Mentioned my seniority date is wrong as it would put me ahead of a person at the building I’m potentially transferring to...

    So my building manager took it upon himself to ‘supposedly’ move my date forward the ~1.5 weeks... but took it upon himself to also move the guy in my building that has a seniority date day before my WRONG date forward as well to remain ahead of me.

    Feel like I should grieve the wrong seniority date/him being moved to stay ahead of me, and also just be an :censored2: and grieve for pay for any time he has worked and I was off.

    Statue of limitations for wage correction is 2yr accidental, 3yr intentional for DOL in my state.
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  11. Wrong

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    A full year of back pay for wrongful termination.
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    How’d they figure it? Hours of person that was below you seniority wise paid at your rates?
  13. Wrong

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    It was a pretty big deal at my building. The guy originally left in handcuffs that day, ended up coming back a year or so later. He showed me a picture of a game show sized check being held by him and some union officials that was his back pay blown up. It was ridiculous.
  14. Wrong

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    But I’m not sure how they calculated it or how much it was.
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    Wrong :))