250px-Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_drawings.jpgOk heres the cartoons that pissed the Muslims off .
Big deal.Now you want to kill every man woman and child in europe AND America.Get a clue.I`ve always been tolerant but I`m starting to think that theres an inherent link to the past with them that follow this religion that is way out of whack with todays society.I say no more lopping off arms for stealing,no more having the right to kill your wife,no more deciding who your daughter marries.Its barbaric and 1000 years behind the times.I think they`ve been misled with futile promises that will never
come to fruition.America is not out to get you.Grow up.


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I don`t think the cartoons are the only reason for the manifestations. Political unrest does affect the economy and the middle east is known for their biggest export(OIL)... So is it a ploy to bring the price of crude up, or is it something more sinister... watch the right hand and you don`t see what I`m doing with my left hand.