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    just taking a survey my wife has heal spurs had them in left foot last year now right she is in terriable pain how common are these for ups drivers.
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    Not too common.... Never heard of a driver having them.
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    She must have insurance. Get her fixed!
  4. What do you get them from and are they really "spurs" of bone in your foot? Sounds painful. It's seems like with all the walking we do (drivers) that we would pound them there spurs back into where they came from.
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    I've not heard of anyone having them, but it sounds like our job could produce it if you're running, jumping off the truck, and not using a dolly enough.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Foot,Leg,Knee Problems are a bane for many of us Pkg Drivers. Try Checking out Gel inserts that you can slip into the heels of all types of shoes. If not make an appt at your podiatrist, if that painful, surgery might be the answer.
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    A good sports orthodic will make your life much much better
    and with our benefits, they should be very affordable.
    the most I ever paid as a Professional Ski Instructor was $80
    I tell you what standing for 6 hrs a day in the cold, 6 days a week
    your feel, ankles, knees, and lower back will thank you.

    An orthodic will evenly disperse your weight, by matching the contours of your foot. I can't say enough how much it helps.
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    I think that if they go lame you're allowed to shoot them. Oops, sorry that was your wife not your horse.:crying: