Bonfire of the Vanities


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It appears the term "vanity" has recently become a hot term on this board. I may have inadvertently started the use of the term with this post: If in fact it did, I'm sorry about any controversy it may have caused. I understand the dictionary meaning of the word, although my use of the term was not meant to be derogatory. Moreover, I picked up the term "vanity" from another board I sometimes visit. On that particular board, there is no controversy over the term "vanity."

On other message boards I frequent, off-topic subjects like jokes, inspirational quotes, recipes, sports chat, etc, have their own separate section on the board. Personally, I have nothing against people posting these types of threads. In fact, I've occasionally posted on these types of threads myself, although IMO, I believe there should be a separate section on the board for this material.

To be completely honest, in the vast majority of my visits to this board, I don't come here to read jokes, talk sports or obtain recipes. If I'm looking to entertain myself, I generally don't do it here. I'm off to someplace else, whether it's cyberspace or not. For example, my own personal vanity issue at the moment is whether I should invest in a satellite radio package. Geez, I'm going to miss Howard Stern. What's a guy to do? Anyway, I'm mainly here to discuss UPS-related issues and to learn from what others have to say.

Once again, my intent is not to upset anyone, although as previously stated, I'm of the opinion on-topic and off-topic threads should have their own separate places on this board. I simply believe it will make the main on-topic message board much easier to read. Flame suit on.



I think the vanities described are seperated enough. I did think it interesting that the person who first raised the vanity issue was the one who has done her best to control every thread of discussion on this board. I guess she got jealous because she can't cook.


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The only problem I see with separating the topics as you described, my2cents, is that there are a lot of retirees on this board. They are no longer active in the day-to-day UPS work issues. They are still very much part of the ups family. They all have huge stakes in the success of this company.

I think the "titles" of the threads totally provide the separation needed. If you see a title of "What's Cookin'", you know it's recipes and you don't go there unless you are interested in that sort of thing.

If a title says "PAS", I could care less and usually skip it because it's too much technical shop talk for me.......although the subject is extremely important to others coping with PAS and it's introduction.

However, when I am bored, just about any topic becomes interesting reading for me on this board. JMHO.


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sure my2cents, we all know what a rabble rouser you are.

I don't see a problem with the current set up either.

I am a plain and fussy eater, so I'd visit a thread about paint drying before I'd purposefully go to one about recipes.

So far I have found nothing on this forum that threatens to force me to open that particular thread, so I don't truly see a need to further categorize.

If there are repetitious threads that one is not interested in and it' s causing you viewing problems you need a larger monitor. :p


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ok2be.....looking at a swaying pocket watch....

"you will check out the recipe site
you will check out the recipe site
you will check out the recipe site
you will check out the recipe site.....etc.


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Eeyuuu, yuch!

Cherries in the snow, how was I to know that was a recipe?

Here I thought, well, never mind.

NOW! I am in favor of categorizing. :D:p


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My wife cant stand me being on this site. But what she doesnt realise is that some of the neato meals that I have stolen came from here. I figure I will just keep my little secret and no one need ever know.