BONUS never been paid before!!! need help!!!

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  1. hefernan

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    hey fellow brown drivers hope all is well in hell this week. so i was hired about a year and half ago as a full time driver. my center i work in is a bonus center so for the last 18 months i have been bonusing a half hour or hour here and there like most good drivers. i thought the bonus pay was just added into the check like a moron i thought i was getting paid my bonus.i didnt relize there was a spot on the pay stub that is called production bonus. when i was hired my supe didnt check the bonus box on my employment screen so i have never been paid my bonus! And the records only go back 45 days!!!! what do you think should happen or will happen with this issue they owe me lots of money my guess is about 50 hours!! i know i am probably screwed.
  2. UnsurePost

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    In their eyes, you owe them money. Put it in the rear view.

    How can records only go back 45 days, if my paystubs go back through many years?
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    We had a driver with a similar situation, and he went to the union about it, and the union would not do anything about it, since production is not recognized. He found someone who looked into it, and somehow got UPS to pay him a check for 500.00. However, UPS would not tell him how much he was out on the bonus mistake, they did acknowledge it was alot more than 500.00.
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    Don't you have to reach full pay scale before you start getting bonus in a bonus center? When I started we needed to reach our top scale before we became eligible for bonus.
  5. Re-Raise

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    I think that is the case at my center also.
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    I had the same thing happen to me when I started. My sup had to go back through the time cards and calculate my bonus. I got about a grand in back pay.
  7. brownmonster

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    You have to gain seniority before you can begin making bonus. You do not need to be at top scale.
  8. 705red

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    I had a driver come to me, he was a recently promoted feeder driver that was laid off and bumped back in to package car. They did not coed him right which did not give him his bonus. His management team said they would fix it within 2 days, they didnt I filed a grievance on his behalf and he was awarded 4 hours penalty pay. bottom line its a payroll shortage and should be treated as such.
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    I wasn't going to say it, but...

    How could anyone not check their pay for 18 months???? I write down my punch in/punch out times every day. I know to the hundredth of an hour how many hours I work each week AND I check it against my paystub.

    You're here to make money. Make sure you get paid right!
  10. brownmonster

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    1/2 hour to an hour bonus a day times 18 months. Sounds like a little more than 50 hours. Did you make seniority yet and if so when? If you are an 18 month driver and are driving at all you are one of the lucky ones.
  11. Matthew

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    What? Performance bonus' ???? How do you get this? lol
    I need to ask my steward tomorrow, but I'm not going to run or move faster than I already do.
    Maybe I'm still entitled to something who knows doubt it :P
  12. satellitedriver

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    my thoughts exactly.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    I know how many hours and minutes I work each day and week and I get paid a salary.
  14. over9five

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    Probably better if you don't keep track. Could be depressing!
  15. Monkey Butt

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    No choice - I have to turn in an electronic time card daily.
  16. cino321

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    Funny, by me the slower I work the more I make!
  17. satellitedriver

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    Since you are on salary,
    your electronic time card should just say that you showed up today.
    All your work is done via the computer and is already electronically logged.
    You got me to thinking.
    Do all salary management personnel have to fill out a "time card"?
    My DM, my center manager, my On Road sup ect. ......?

  18. p228

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    PTRS - Personnel Time Recording System

    From what I heard, it was the result of a big lawsuits out in California. Part time sups were working full time hours everyday and not being compensated for it. The supervisors filed a class action lawsuit and won. The judge ruled that the company must have a system to record their hours worked and rest periods. Anytime over 27.5 for part timers and 40 for specialists and they get paid an hourly rate.

    It was originally for the part time sups and FT specialists but I believe everyone has to do it now.
  19. satellitedriver

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    Thank You,
    for an honest answer, in a dishonest situation.
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    I know someone had the same thing happen to him .He filed under the clause fairs day pay so the union would work with it. He got the back pay for the unpaid work.