bottled water


Both Pepsi and coke have recently come clean that thier Aquafina and Daisani water was actually just filtered tap water.We drink
nestle`water that states its from a spring called Poland.Are you particular about your water?With all those glaciers melting from global warming there should be lots of fresh clean water.
I hope they dont find creemore.


Where next? Venice
Speaking of water... don't forget that Evian spelled backward is naive! Did you ever look at the price of water per gallon? Once you do, you should never complain about the gasoline companies ripping people off again. Personally, I drink tap water unless I'm in a country where the water supply is suspect.


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For years we bought bottled water because our house water had a bad taste. Then one day I installed a whole house filter, and a fridge with a filtered water dispenser. The waters great now! Can't believe all that money I wasted on bottles.

We recycle everything here. But I was watching some documentary on recycling the other day. It said that recycling plastic was bad for the environment. Recycling plastic harms the envronment MORE than making new plastic. Same thing with paper.
But recycling metal is still better.


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CA. is the worst. A bottle of water is like a person's arm extension here. It's like an accessory to your outfit. I like the water from my fridge's door (it's filtered & cold).....tastes just fine to me. I prefer Diet Coke though.

The kids here take a bottle a water.....2-3 sips and they waste the rest.