Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

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    The invested interests spend so much national wealth in preparing the Olympic Games to blandish the international, launch so much propaganda about the 2008 Olympics to gloss over official corruption and social inequality!

    At the last National People's Congress session, China's Wen wowed discretionarily for the "Chinese's enthusiasm for the 2008 Olympics" - ignoring the voices of naysayers.

    Many feel the GDP comes from inflation. houses and food are all more expensive. China is falling into the capitalism seen in the 1800s, before the October Revolution.

    Most recent and upcoming college graduates from all over China squash in fancy metropolises, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc, while other provinces remain stagnant.

    Next spring, Chinese colleges and universities expect a record 4.95 million graduates, up 820,000 from this year. More than a million of them will wind up jobless, according to estimates.

    The proportion of people's salaries to GDP has been falling year after year.The M2/GDP ratio is unusually high, 200% in 2005.All money is the ruling group's money,all hardship is the mass's hardship.Fight ,or die!

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]"Terrible idea. Please think of the athletes"? [/FONT]Some athletes,poor kids,just run a risk for money at the expense of life,health![/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Look forward to a better world.[/FONT]

    "We should be embracing China at every possible opportunity. What possible bad could come from befriending such a massive power"?[FONT=新宋体]Don't think China is going into capitalism at all.It is an officialdom-economy.And the Stalinists won't change its autarchy without pressure.[/FONT]

    No participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! No watch the games! No buy the mementos! If you come to Beijing to see the games,wear a T-shirt bearing the logo above at least?
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    Have you heard the plans on the torch run? The Chinese plan to Tranverse Mt. Everest with the Olympic Torch!

    The plan as I understand it is to summit via the Nepal side through the Khumbu Icefall, up the Lhotse face to the South Col and then to the summit via the traditional Hillary approach (that's Sir Edmund not Clinton you ding dong) and then go down on the Tibet North Col side and the traditonal Mallory route. Since the climbing season is a small 2 week window in May because of the weather on the summit, be on the lookout for this bold move designed to grab international headlines. According to the article, they plan an earlier accent to avoid the traffic jam on the mountain during the normal climbing period.

    I haven't read the exact specific plan but I assume a relay team of climbers will be used but will it all be Chinese? Pretty stout climb for this IMO.

    If they really want to impress me, traverse Karakoram 2!
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    No matter the impropriety's China has committed and is currently committing (and believe me, some are dispicable and need to be addressed by the world Community, not just the U.S.) we should never use Olympic Spirit and Athletes as political pawns as both Russia and the US displayed during the cold war era. If anything let our athletes represent us as they did during pre-WWII and deflate Hitler's master-race claims and national superiorty. Athletes are Athletes until they trade their sneakers in for penny loafers and throw their hat in the political arena such as Bill Bradley, Jack Kemp, Steve Largent,Jesse"The Body"Ventura etc........So unless there's WWIII going on, let the games begin.
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    Hillary claims her parents named her after Sir Edmund.
    But, she says alot of things.

    P.S. The Chinese were the quintessential capitalists for several thousand years before the great revolution.
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    Yes, the Olympic spirit is the Olympic Truce!
    We must forget our political differences. And the previous boycotts proved it did not change any things...
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    Given the choice between Paris, Toronto or Beijing, I wouldn't have chosen the latter due to their record of animal and human rights issues. Here, one can get jail time for abusing a dog. Over there, they see no difference between eating a pig or a puppy. (St. Bernards are at the top of the list).

    I don't get it. The Olympics were held in Berlin in 1936 when the world knew about Nazi practices and three concentration camps had already been built. Had the U.S. boycotted it, which they came close to doing, Nazi banners may not have covered the complex and their ideology might not have been so well promoted. Could have changed history.

    And now the world is standing by once again and allowing something as prestigious as the Olympics to be held in a country who is already cracking down on the # of journalists and internet users at the event. A little paranoid, are they?

    Afraid of exposure to things like their “Hit Hard” campaign against crime, (China leads the world in executions) where every year several thousand Chinese are executed in public, often in stadiums, by means of a bullet in the back of the neck or lethal injection. And China has warned that no protests will be allowed during the event. Not to mention their live organ harvesting programs. IMO, with such a lack of human rights in China, no Olympics games in China. Such a simple concept.

    Too bad a democratic country wasn't chosen. Nothing like sending the wrong message to the wrong country all over again.
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    Vietnamese worker makes $62 a month making NIKE shoes, and Americans here spend more than $62 buying a pair. Welcome to Global commerce......
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    I only pay $39.95 for my Nike's, but I get your point.
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    This is an interesting statistic, but it is only that. Given the population of China, how does stack up to other countries in a ratio format?

    Do the universities follow curriculum similar to that of other countries?

    I am not trying to take away credibility of your claim, but am asking so we can ascertain if this is indeed a problem as compared to what is ongoing to the rest of developing or developed countries in the world.

    I could do the research myself, but it is your post...
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    i think you had too much of Falun gong practice. i dont give a rats ass about china or their commie government. I'll watch the game for fun of watching it.
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    traveler Where next? Venice

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    What, exactly, is the difference?

    The only difference I see is that one is cute and the other isn't.
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    Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics!


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    I eat at Chinese buffets sometimes for lunch. I've become a regular at several of them around town so I talk to the Chinese people (those that speak English) working there quite a bit. They all think a boycott would be a bad idea and hope that having the Olympics there will expose the brutality of China. They still have family there and they are all living under harsh conditions. There is no middle class in many parts of China. The elite rule and the poor have little or no opportunity to better themselves. That is why they come here. This is one of the few countries where you can start out with nothing and become wealthy.
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    Why would they come here if another Republican gets re-elected. You said it, no middle class, the elite rule and opportunity is little to better themselves. They might as well stay in China if Bush III (McClain gets elected). When you leave them your next tip at the Chinese buffet:sushi:...Tell them to vote Democratic...
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    How silly. Aren't you along with all other UPS full timers along with many others part of the middle class? The unemployment rate is at 5%. At one time, 5% was considered full employment. Virtually everyone has more than one TV, many with more than one car, a cell phone, a computer, one of the greatest percentages on home ownership, we pay less for gasoline than most everyone in the world, we go on vacations with our families and on and on and you make the silly statement that there is no middle class? You are obviously listening to too much Barak and Hillary hype.
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    How do you figure there is little opportunity to better yourself in America? It seems like every generation here has it better than the one before.
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    Traveler and AV8
    The hard numbers are there. The stories are out there. The population is feeling the squeeze. The gap has gotten wider - no matter how you slice the numbers. Wages. Income. Ability to afford healthcare. Ability to afford food, medicine, gasoline. Ability to get a good affordable education. And if this trend doesn't reverse itself soon, than what does that say for our country's future?

    Traveler, first off I was quoting Big A who mentioned "no middle class" and "little opportunity" in China, and only excentuating the point here in the states at the direction our economy is heading with Republican leadership as comparing to China's.
    Secondly, how many quality union and non-union jobs have left America comparable to my full time job at UPS with good wages, health and pension benefits. Are you denying this trend of QUALITY jobs has declined since the Reagon days and expedited within the last 8 years.(and yes admittingly Clinton's NAFTA didn't help either).
    Thirdly, the unemployment rate is not a measure of the percentage of people that do not have a job. It is a measure of the percentage of the labor force that doesn’t have a job but are actively looking for work. So, if the unemployment rate is quoted as 5 percent, it does not mean that 95 out of every 100 people are working. It could mean, for example, that out of every 100 people, 60 are working, 35 are not working and don't want to be working, and 5 are not working but are actively looking for employment. That’s the key; someone must be actively looking for work to be listed as unemployed in the index.
    Is the unemployment rate accurate? The unemployment rate cannot be completely accurate and there are plenty of reasons for that.