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    I have a Impacted wrist injury off the job(right hand). I fell on my wrist out if town. I seen a doctor and they may have to operate...Right now I'm waiting on a CT Scan to find out. The Doctor told me I have a 80/20 chance of a full recovery and he doesn't know if I'll be able to lift 70lbs again. I'm really scared of the out come and scared I'll lose my job over it. I'm a TCD Driver and don't know if I have any rights as a full timer. Has any one experienced any thing like this and had any good results?
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    Well Mr Wilson, it depends on lots of things but mainly your commitment to getting healthy. You'll have to do all you can to rest and recover. We had a driver get into an accident on his way home from work and he broke his neck. They weren't sure he was going to be back either. He buckled down, did everything he could and came back to full duty after 4 months. So it can happen. If you're younger your odds are even better. Good luck and take care.