browncafe image hosting


This website keeps getting better all the time.Cheryl has added image hosting, so we can all share photos without going through another host.
I`m not great with computers but this is pretty easy once you do it once.
Just in case you dont already know,this is how to do it.
Click on brown cafe forums.Pick a thread and click on reply.Describe the photo you are about to share and minimize it.Go online a 2nd time and go back to the browncafe.At the top left theres a tab called VB Image Host.Click on it and you have 3 upload an image.Most people have thier photos in "my pictures" but it really doesnt matter
as long as you choose one .Once you upload it,simply highlight the
image code(img),and drag it into your minimized reply to the thread and voila its there to send.I hope this helps some people.