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    :mad: I am a college student finishiing my mastes degree . I have worked part time on the ramp at ups for the past 9 years , also for the past two years i have worked as an air exception driver(part time air driver) delivering EAMs in the morning. In the past to weeks my full time management has brought in full time ground package drivers to deliver EAMs and the are bumping me out of my EAMs work. I was allways told that eam work went first to fulltime combo air drvers then to part time air drivers then if no air drivers then fulltime ground drivers. In the past two weeks my suppervior is saying that the order is combo air drivers then full time ground then partime air drivers. this semes tto counterdict some of the language article 40. Is there anyone that can help me
  2. over9five

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    I don't know the language, but they have started to do that in my building.

    Not sure why, except it would mean less drivers on-road. (Makes them look better on paper).
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    Here 2. Full time drivers are doin early ams. Gotta b a long day!:crying:
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    I am a full-time package driver that bid on an EAM route last spring and got it. It was the first time I had seen a bid on it, my supervisor that posted it is a "by the book type" (UPS and IBT Contract). We have always used high seniority FTers, with the exception of pulling somebody off the Preload if stops are too heavy certain days. Its not long days either, I start at 6:30, deliver EAM till 8AM, then start my regular route at 8:40. The great part is I hit OT at 3:30, and have to clock out at 5PM to keep from going over nine-five. This means my regular route had two hours work taken off it. Usually I pull in my own driveway from 5:30 to 6PM, I wish I had started this years ago, maybe I could have seen my two sons grow up!
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    It is only my opinion and I know it probably goes against what is stated in the contract but I think that any extra work should be given to part-timers and that people such as "87airdriver" , and myself for that matter, would benefit from this. The reason I believe this is that full-timers are, well, already full-time so why not share the wealth and give us part-time drivers some more work to tide us over until you full-time guys retire....in about 40 years. :)
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    Sorry,its a senority issue. For some reason, my Hub doesn't have any 22.3 or combo jobs. I wish they did, I think a preloader should be able to help deliver NDA. The only PT driving jobs we have are in the evening doing late air P/Us and Saturday Air, and lately its been hard to find people to do that. We do have a lot of FT openings in Package though, a lot of people have went to Feeder this past year.
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    has the union had meetings with our fine management to determine if there are two PT jobs that could be articulated around an hour meal to form any combo jobs?
    This shouldn't be rocket science for our leaders.
    I believe there is language in the contract to the effect that this should be done but.......
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    in my center people are filing on this..its should be combo and am air drivers, then exception drivers..But at times the load is heavy in the morning, so instead of pulling a preloader off from doing his job to run eams theyre more to grab a F/T whose showed up to work early..
    go to your union about this
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    As far as I know, there have been no meetings to create any 22.3 jobs in the particular building I work in. I don't know if we have any combo jobs in the other buildings around the Atlanta area. When we had our recent Contract Proposal meeting at my Local, one of my proposals was for better contact language over this matter. I see a few problems in this area, there is nothing concrete I have found regarding 22.3 or EAM work. I hope this will be improved next contract.