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  1. YoungDriver84

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    How do buy stocks on, i never bought stocks before and i would appreciate it if someone showed me how to buy stocks.
  2. mountaingoat

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    Are you looking to purchase from the discount employee purchase program (DESPP)? If so, you have to go to BNY Mellon to do that. From what others say, do it soon because it looks as though there will be a quiet period soon when you won't be able to do anything until 12-Jan.

    To get to the BNY Mellon site from, go to the My Life and Career Tab and then click on the Mellon Investor Services link on the left hand side.
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    The quiet period will happen for the bank switch in the 401k. If you buy stocks through the 401k there will be a quiet period. This is separate from the DESSP and should not be affected by the 401k change.

    This is my understanding at least. Are they switching banks for the DESSP also? I don't participate in it so I'm asking.
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    After you enter all your info, step 2 asks for global ID and passwords/pins. How do you obtain that?
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    I registered the old fashioned way back in 1995. Thru the mail. Passwords and PIn's drive me crazy. I seem to misplace them.
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    Funny thing about this stock program; when you buy they quickly remove your money from you, but when you sell it can take them a week or longer to get your money to you.
  7. you can call 1-800-231-5469 this is the number to bny mellon
    they will start taking money out of you pay check every week and once every 13 weeks they will buy your stocks for you so the next time they will buy will be jan 1 09
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