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  1. Oldfart

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    Why did you say there was no information out there?
  2. Oldfart

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    There is plenty of information if you take time to read it.
  3. Maui

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    Staff hourly are eligible per the announcement. Ops hourly probably not.

    There should be a number to call and they will tell you if you are eligible. That does not mean it will be offered to all that are eligible though.
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    FedEx Services
    FedEx Corporate
    and "SELECT" FedEx Express positions

    To put it frankly they aren't going to offer couriers buyouts...
    Couriers no matter how bad they are, earn money for the company every day.
    Some Executive or paper pusher behind a desk, doesn't "earn" money every day for the company.
    Its a simplistic view but that's pretty much it.

    All this info is on the company intranet page.
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  6. SmithBarney

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    Only reserved for those who are unprofitable... do you qualify?
  7. Route 66

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    Oh, many a manager has described me as being exactly that.....My ship has finally come in! :clap:
  8. fatboy33

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    Agreed. If they want to thin out Couriers they only need to monitor the new vehicle tracking devices on all the trucks and power pads. Very easy to relief a Courier of his position when he said he was shuttling around freight but records shows him at Whataburger for 25 minutes. And then the drivers who still insist on using their phones while driving. You should expect security or management driving around looking for an excuse, until the company gets down to its target number of courier. Be smart. Do the right thing.
  9. dezguy

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    That's exactly what happened up here in 2008.

    The company told us there would be no layoffs, which they stuck to but, low and behold, stuff that a blind eye was turned to, in the past was all of a sudden getting people canned.
  10. Oldfart

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    I know around here they have really lightened up with discipline due to lack of bodies. We had a fella few weeks ago admit to signing a customers name to a powerpad and all he got was a warning letter. That has been automatic termination in past situations. Attendance and punctuality problems go unpunished. We had manager show us a google earth aerial view of a courier at Whataburger for over 20 minutes several hours after his lunch break and all that he said was to not let that happen again. Managers no longer manage, they spend all day administrating and they know how hard it is to replace anyone they terminate so many offenses go unpunished.