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    When I first hired on to UPS, I was made aware of two committees that involved employees: CHSP, aka "Safety", and C.E.R.C (Co-chaired Employees Relations Committee). When I worked at PHL I actually joined the CERC and found it to be a pretty good experience. However, in my current building I do not think the CERC exists any longer, and talking to another driver in a different building, I wonder if the CERC is a vanishing relic from the pre-public offering days. Are CERCs still allowed to exist, just needing to be set up? What must be done by an employee in relation to management in order to start a CERC, and have a good running program? Any aware of good programs around?

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    i doubt it would be done. We are supposed to have WFI committees, which are supposed to let HR know about work/life balance from a management standpoint but those don't happen either.
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    One of these days I am going to have to go back to the PHL operation to see if their CERC is still up and running. A lot of employees, including drivers, may not be aware of all the benefits UPS offers to us. Yeah, they could/should check out the upsers.com, but I am of the opinion that those of us who know could be more proactive in educating our co-workers on the "bright side" of UPS. That could result in a slightly more positive work environment, which is better than a totally negative work environment and benefits us all. I was surprised how far a t-shirt, trinket, or simple certificate would go in boosting morale.

    Provided it doesn't interfere with the operation, how much resistance would I encounter in taking the initiative to set up a CERC (not without an OK, though)?
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    CERC -- in my hub -- was a "Retention" (not "Relations") committee designed to reduce/eliminate turn-over, particularly among newly hired part-timers. It was a semi-formal mentoring program where veteran part-timers would talk to "in trouble" employees and get them in line (usually they would talk to them about attendance and/or training issues). It was eliminated in late '08/early '09 in my hub for budgetary reasons.
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    Yep...went away, just like our TURKEYS.
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    Hmmm...(thanks for correcting me on the "R", by the way). I had left the PHL in mid-08. Perhaps it was done away with there as well, and explains why it is no longer around in the hub I currently work in. That's sad, and even more short-sighted.