CACH Sleeper Teams Questions

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  1. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Seems to be no shortage of work. That's why the richest contract in history was won. Lol.
  2. gearjammer

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    Can anyone tell me how they pay for the first week of training for feeder/ sleeper team at Cach?
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    Usually a check
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  4. gearjammer

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    That’s funny right there! If you don’t think that’s funny you can just get out of here right now! Lol
  5. Brown Now

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    Hours worked. If they work you work more than 8 in one day(not uncommon) it’s at time and a half. They are behind one week. You’ll get paid every Friday.

    Mileage pay starts at .59 cents a mile I believe. They did not bump up the mileage pay. It’s at the agreed upon rate/progression.

    I believe mileage tops out at 36 months, not 48 months like the hourly rate.
  6. gearjammer

    gearjammer New Member

    That’s great thanks for the information! Are there test involved in the training? I hear you are taught the UPS pre-trip. Any idea what else is taught during the week?
  7. Blackbeauty7123

    Blackbeauty7123 New Member

    I can confirm they are starting guys at 30/hour at CACH, I’m not sure about mileage if someone else wants to chime in. I do know that other 710 drivers currently in progression at all other Chicago hubs are beyond pissed about it, so it’s a union dispute at this point. I’m sure we all know how this ends, a fresh pair of knee pads....
  8. ihateloading

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    :censored2: I need my CDL.
  9. ihateloading

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    How would $30/hr work work in progression though? Would you just make $30/hr for 48 months until top rate? It is higher than the progression scale of the first 3 years.

    I know earlier this summer CACH had a sign outside offering $22/hr or something like that. I knew we were looking for drivers but I didn’t know the hub was that desperate. Gotta get my CDL before all the off the street guys take all the trucks! Lol
  10. saltdog

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    $30 starting hourly rate was recently started over $21 to attract 100 good drivers. Mileage pay is per the contract. There is no dedicated run for new hires unless a bid driver picks you as a sleeper partner otherwise you go to the bottom of seniority and are ON CALL to cover sleeper, hourly or mileage run. No one on earth can forecast how much you’ll work but it ain’t maxing out your hours every week for sure. The guys on call now will be on the new team runs. You have to pay your dues like everyone ahead of you
  11. Blackbeauty7123

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    Correct, you’d just stay at that rate until your progression catches up which would be top rate. And yes they are very desperate at this point, they’ve hired a ton of sleeper bid/cover drivers. 21/hour starting isn’t going to persuade many off the street hires to jump on board, especially if they’re on call, so I guess the company had to make an offer they wouldn’t refuse.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens next contract, they’re taking loads off the rails but that doesn’t mean they can’t put them back on, and those loads must be sustainable in order to keep all those new hires.
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  12. ihateloading

    ihateloading New Member

    I wonder how long it’ll last even before the next contract. You’re right. I’d assume $43k a year ($21/hr) base pay is to low a pay for a lot of truckers with 2 years experience coming in & hoping for over time to pay the bills(but I assume there’s probably plenty of OT here) and not to many PT’ers care to be truck drivers so it’s like a lose lose situation for the company.

    Other drivers in other hubs complain about new cach drivers making $30/hr, the union complains, UPS drops the new guys down to $21/hr, then they all quit to go back to companies paying $50k-$60k, home for a week once a month, etc.
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  13. gearjammer

    gearjammer New Member

    A little off topic but can anyone tell me the shoe or boot requirements for feeders?
  14. 542thruNthru

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  15. gearjammer

    gearjammer New Member

    Wow thank you for the quick response I appreciate it!