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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. moreluck

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    I wrote an e-mail to Arnold to stop all monies being paid to illegal aliens to help reduce our deficit.
  2. over9five

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    More, you are so mean! These are good, contributing citizens that need a small helping hand. I'm sure if the situation were reversed, they would be giving us money!
  3. moreluck

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    OW !! My leg !!! My leg !!! OWIE !!
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    Your avatar makes me want to skeeve !! (word taken from N.J. housewives.) :sick:

    Barney Franks & Beans........he needs to retire.
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    He's my hero....

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    another related subject at the risk of sounding racist or what was it xenophobic? I went into a subway and picked up a salad today. Hispanic owned, no one speaks a lick of english. Makes it very frustrating trying to order something as simple as a salad. I see all the Mcdonalds and wendys and KFC's being taken over by hispanics. Dunkin Donuts and 7 elevens by middle easterners etc. Last time I looked a sizable investment is required to buy a franchise. How is it all these non english speaking foriegners can somehow afford to pony up and buy these franchises.

    You would think an american who knows and speaks this culture would have a huge advantage in marketing a business in the US. Yet here again another area where americans appear to be getting squeezed out.
  7. JimJimmyJames

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    I tell people I spend my days picking up packages from warehouses filled with Chinese made stuff being boxed and shipped by Mexicans.

    All I can feel about it is a sense of doom.

    And, as Tieguy said, call me a racist or an xenophobe, but I am seeing the America I grew up in change in ways that I am not comfortable with. So, when I retire, I am going to try to go to a place where it feels, as much as possible, as it did when I was young.

    I hope that place still exists then. If it even exists now.

    And yes, there will hopefully be Hispanic people there. But they will know about as much Spanish as I know German or Irish. Or at least English will now be their first language.

    Because to me, when you finally shed your identity with your "mother" country, you become a true American.

    Heck, my German great grandmother didn't teach her children German once they immigrated here. She was too busy teaching them how to truly succeed in, and love, America.
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  9. moreluck

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    Somebody in some city in CA. wants taxpayers to pay for trans-gender surgery, saying that it's only fair !!! EXCUSE ME ??? Do I hear Berkely here?
  10. klein

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    Speaking of that, ever heard of Kim Petras ?
    (born name : Tim Petras)

    Started taking female harmones at age 12, and had the surgery at age 16.
    She is a famous young german female singer now.

    I must admit : Good German engineering ! :
    (her hair is real, too)


    Oh, PS: Most countries do provide free sex change surgery, even Cuba & Brazil, besides ofcourse the Euro-Nations, with Canada, NZ and Australia included.
  11. rod

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    Any truth to the rumor I heard today that Oakland, Ca. laid off 40% of its police force today?
  12. trplnkl

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    Holy moly, that's like firing 40% of the guards at a prison.
  13. Nimnim

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    I dunno about Oakland, but Camden NJ laid off nearly half their police force and a third of the firefighters.

    I'll never figure out why the cuts always go to the things that have the most negative effect instead of pencil pushing bureaucrats.
  14. Jones

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    Might have something to do with the fact that it's the pencil pushing bureaucrats who decide what's getting cut :wink2:
  15. trplnkl

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    There could be two reasons...1) Police and Firefighters are essential elements that a city should provide. Sorta like there is no need in cutting someone with a knife if you aren't going to make them bleed. 2) it's the pencil pushing bureaucrats who decide what's getting cut
  16. moreluck

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  17. klein

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    Look at all the future cost savings, though :

    An employee after such a surgery brings in a lot of savings:

    - Will never have children under the employers health insurance.
    - Will never go on maturity leave
    - Will never have children going into the educational system
    - Will never need to call in sick, because of it's ill child at home
    - Will never get tax reductions based on children
    - Will never be a dead beat parent (where the state has to pay welfare for single parents with children)
    - Will never need to go to the companies (city's) sponsored childrens x-mas party

    -probably many more savings.....(I haven't thought up that quickly).

    In matter of fact More, you would probably be for it, if they did it to hispanic people - that way they couldn't reproduce !
  18. moreluck

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    OH Puhleese !!!

    There are many people who might need life saving surgery and believe me, they trump gender changing surgery !!! There are people on transplant lists...heart, liver, lung, who die waiting or die for not having the $$$. It's like me getting a face peel and getting taxpayer's to pay for it. Not happening!!!
  19. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    You sure they can't donate their no longer needed organ after surgery ? :)
  20. cachsux

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    Free! Well then whats holding you back?