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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UPS Joe, May 13, 2013.

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    Today our steward gave us the following phone number for Central Conference TeamCare 1-800-323-5000 and he said that they could answer all my questions on the benefits as he didn't really know anything. They had a big meeting on Saturday, yet he doesn't know anything.

    The way he presented was that our deductible is getting increased and costing us more, our office visit is increased and costing us more, our prescriptions have been increased and costing us more, x-ray and labs will cost us a fortune as they are paid at 80%, the Psychiatrics benefits have been cut and will cost some people a lot of money. Something that is really scary is that when you retire you only have a $200,000 limit each year. He said call for ourselves if we didn't believe him.

    Retiree benefits are limited only to the retiree and to our spouse but it will cost each of us $200 per month by the end of this contract and our annual limit for benefits is $200,000 ... it is not unlimited. If you have cancer or high bills, you're screwed. The prescription changes under the Reitree Plan also to 20% of the cost of the drug to a maximum of $200 per prescription. I'm so screwed. I was going to retire but guess I will just have to keep working.

    Call and get the information yourself ... 1-800-323-5000 or 1-847-518-9800:surprised:

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    Do you really think they went over every aspect of the health plan? I'm sure you may have a specific question and 50 others might have a different one. Your steward was being responsible by giving you the number to have your question answered most accurately. Sorry but you sound like you have an issue with that.
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    Stink - I have no issue with that. I'm just not sure everyone is aware on how severely their benefits are changing. I respect by steward and have always lived by what he tells me and he does not have an easy job, but man we need to review these benefits as we are getting shafted big time here when you start asking about the details.
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    I'd call the number and have them send you the complete benefit package and compare it to your current. Just an FYI, I have union run bennies, every few months I get literature on how my bennies get better. We have the best benefits in RI in any private sector. Just approach with an open mind.
  5. realbrown1

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    We are being shafted. We are getting a down graded health insurance plan when compared to our current UPS plan.
    Central States is a disaster at running anything. They have either mis-managed or flat out stole from both their health care plan and their CS pension plan. It looks like Hoffa and hall are using the Western Conference members to bolster the CS health care plan. UPS employees currently in the CS health care plan will soon get their health care up-graded while those coming from the Western Conference will be down-graded.
    This is all fine and good with Stink, 407 and the rest of the Old Guard Cheerleaders.
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    Joe, get the FACTS for yourself. Don't let Real (who's job it is to instill fear in you), I or anyone tell you what's what. Get the actual information from the insurer. Compare the benefits of the old and new. What works for you may not for others and visa versa. Educate yourself and chose for your family. They are your most important union.
  7. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Yes, don't take my word for it. Call the number and compare your current UPS plan to your new TEAMCARE plan. Also ask about what are the requirements for having dependents on you plan both working and when you are retired. You'll get a hoot out of that answer.
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    UPS Joe----it may be worth your while to call your pension office to see if you are eligible to retire before Aug 1. We have a driver who has serious medical issues who will be taking a ride down to Syracuse (pension fund office) with our BA to go over his options. It may be worthwhile for him to retire a few years early and take the hit in order to retire under the existing retiree medical plan.
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    don't be so hard on yourself. You do have issues but so do all of you whiners.
  10. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    You went into my post and added NOT. You changed a bunch of other words to make a point that you want. UNBELIEVABLE. I guess that's all you have left, since your arguments are always blown to shreds.
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    I believe and I could be wrong but with the passage of the affordable healthcare act; companies cannot place limits on coverage.
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    So I called the number and this is what they told me.....there is a deductible of $100 the first year for family coverage. This goes up to $200, then $300, then $400 in 2017. Right now in UPS plan we have no deductible. ER we pay 20% of total. Now we pay a $25 deductible. We pay a portion of x-rays, mri's, etc. For prescription coverage we will be paying 10% up to $50 per prescription, doesn't matter if generic or other. Dental and vision sound about the same. That's the basics of the questions I asked. Call yourself ifyou want. Seeing as how hall said we will not pay more for health insurance I think once again he is a BIG FAT F...IN SELLOUT!!!!!!! This sucks compared to the benefits we have now. Retirees will pay $300 by the third year of the contract...per month and this is not even family coverage. This is only for the employee and their spouse. So again I expect MR. 407 Steward to call me a whiner because that's all he does. I think he's a secret agent working for management actually. I now admit I will be voting no for this contract but everyone has a vote. I would like to say PLEASE get people in your hubs to vote. Whichever way they vote, they HAVE TO VOTE. The message will be clear that we all care about our contract and what is being negotiated. The Unions brag about everything they do for employees. I really don't think this contract is anything to brag about. Talk to new people and lower seniority employees about voting and how important it is to them also. Now is the time to use OUR MUSCLE. We employees hold all of the cards right now.
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    Are you sure WE pay 80% or did you mean to say we pay 20%?
  14. Asskicker

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    Sorry, I meant 20%. Which when you consider ER costs can be a hell of a lot of money.
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    Your last line sounds like we are throwing the future retiree's under the bus. Forgive me if I'm wrong, doesn't that mean we are screwing ourselves?
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    Yes, I totally agree with you. I can barely afford the 10%'s I have to pay now. Sad, but true. 20%'s gonna make things even tighter. Thankful for the insurance, but not for the downgrade we're going to get with this TA.
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    Okay, what gives??? I just called the 800# shown in this thread and got--------ummm, an offer for a $100 walmart or target rebate voucher, an offer for other bogus sounding stuff, and a request for my SS#????? Uh, no. Then I got disconnected------which is probably a good thing. I tried re-dialing just in case I dialed wrong and was connected and then promptly disconnected. Is this posted 800# totally a joke or do I need lessons from my teen on how to work this silly cell phone?? Everyone else getting thru to the real deal??

    Okay, I did reach a human being at the 847-518-9800#. She was very nice but she advised that she was instructed that information cannot be given out at this time to non-members. Details of the benefits package will be made available once and if the contract is ratified. So basically, I asked, "So I won't know what I'm voting on unless and until the contract proposal is ratifed?" ​She responded in the affirmative. She advised that she is to instruct all inquiries go to International Brotherhood of Teamsters | International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) to find information about the health benefits information there or to contact my local. So this is less than I was hoping for, but also exactly what I was expecting.
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    My brother, who works at ups too, had brain surgery last year. He was on the ICU for over a week. When the bill came to his house after everything was get this... It cost..... Over $300,000.00 . After the repeated dr. Visits he had afterwards he may have paid 2 or 300.00 tops including medication. If he had this done with this new contract and at 20% that's 60,000.00. That's a mortgage payment!! Now tell me this , how is this a good contract???? I vote Hell no!!
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    I'll let this run for a while and then explain it to you if someone else does not.
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    Yeah, Central States sucks.. It does not appear that your union is trying to spin this into something good, cause it is not... I have been in the plan 26 years, and especially in the past 3 to 4 years, they have been paying less and less, and after Doctor visit the bills are piling up for all the stuff that they wont pay.. I can not believe that our union thinks this is good for us.. But they want it because it will be a teamster controlled health plan.. If WE would have the choice to pay a little for the company plan I think most of us would do that.. And for those who think they are getting free insurance, wait until you get the bills from CS.. Even better wait until you go to a doctor, and he says you need a test or a procedure done .. Well if CS thinks it is not necessary, you are going to get the entire bill.. OH yes they claim you can file 2 appeals, but good luck with that.. I have filed appeals for procedures that 2 doctors have stated I need, they were both denied, and the prescriptions that I need, well they refuse to pay for those as well. THIS IS A BAD IDEA..IF YOU THINK YOUR INSURANCE SUCKS NOW, WAIT UNTIL YOU GET IN THE CS PLAN !! We people who have medical problems, are screwed ! We would save money even if we had to pay for the UPS insurance... I wish the Union would LET each individual choose their insurance,, you can pay, or get the *hitty insurance free ( I use free very loosely !!)