can a feeder driver bid back in on a route?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by clueless, Oct 24, 2007.

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    one of my coworkers has been in feeders about 6 years and wants to bid back in to a route in our center, our center manager who know everything and will tell you anything , says he cant, true or false. the bid comes down tommorrow so i would apprecite and answer asap. thanks
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    False. Unless there is some language that doesn't allow it in your area. In Lansing, Mi. a feeder driver with a number of years in feeders went back to pkgs. He had to go back to pkg driver orientation, a 2 or 3 week course, and requalify just like a new guy.
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    I would imagine route bidding of any kind would be seniority dependent... is that indeed the case?
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    almost always, if they are a backup feeder driver they can have a pkg route and be called up to feeder on a "when needed" basis. If the feeder driver has a " dedicated" run meaning that is his run, he is stuck in feeders, he cant come back except for some wierd reason, usually mutally agreed by ups and union. once they are in feeder....they are gone.
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    the answer can be found in your package rider. Generally, feeder drivers CANNOT go back to package unless they are on feeder layoff. Once in feeder most are considered to have cement shoes.

    Occasionally, the labor department and the union may negotiate for a feeder drivers return to package if a circumstance presented itself wherein the affected feeder driver could no longer drive a tractor.

    (ie: heart attack etc...)

    A 6 year feeder driver would not be allowed to bid on routes in a package center as they would have lost all center seniority and would have to dovetail below the lowest member of the center drivers.

    You better check for the language in your region for the official word however, i can only speak for my parts and this would never happen.

    Im in So. Cal. local 396

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    thanks for the answers, i will let him know.
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    Why would UPS want to put a feeder back into pkg who has has a heart attack?
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    in the Southern conference up tp 5 % of the feeders drivers can go back to package in any given year. You would go to the bottom of the package seniority list. Unless you have been a backup for at least 2 yrs and have not gained seniority in feeders . Once you are the successful bidder on a feeder run you gain feeder senioity and lose all you package seniority. I hope this info helps.
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    Why would someone in feeders want to go back to package. Guys around here can't wait to go into feeders. You must have some easy pkg runs. If there is such a thing.
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    1.) working nights

    2.) utility again

    3.) little or no social interaction

    These are just a few off the top of my head, lets face it you change your whole lifestyle when you first go in. In our center we only have night runs, so if you've been a pkg drv for any length of time, it's quite an adjustment.
  11. BrownShark

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    Simple. Liability.

    After recovery, the liability of driving a pkg car is less than driving a tractor with a set of doubles on it at 55mph on a crowded freeway.

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    In Central Region, yes, you can go back to package. The kicker is this: There has to be opening in package. You just can't bump back in whenever you feel like it and take your seniority with you. If there is an opening, then, yes, you can take your seniority and run with it. But, again, here anyway, you can't just bump into a package route. You either take what's left over or bid on what was opened or any new bids that come up.

    Another kicker is this: Once you have gained seniority in feeders, bid run or not, you have to stay at least 3 yrs. It looks like this guy has fulfilled this part, being there 6 yrs.

    Another kicker is this: As was stated in another post, you have to requalify in package. May or may not be easy. We had one driver that tried it. He was gone for 3 yrs, opening popped up in package, he made his intentions known, tried to requalify, didn't. Forced back to feeders.
  13. ups79

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    Drivers of pkg. cars pose a less chance of suffering a heart attack, you say? Come on no way are they going to let anyone drive one of their vehicles after suffering a heart condition. They might if you are lucky allow you to work as a porter.
  14. raceanoncr

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    Hmmm....Really? Well, here, we've had, at least, two, maybe three feeder drivers that had bypasses. Don't know if they were double, triple or quad, but does it matter?

    After usual recovery period, passes DOT physical and were off driving again til retired.

    On my accident/injury report that they go over with you on before, during or after annual ride, it stated I had heart attack a few yrs ago. I ain't NEVER had heart problem and exclaimed I wanted that off there or else I would get it off using my methods. Well, it's now taken off but the point is: As far as THEY thought, I had a heart attack and was allowed to drive feeders.
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    No can do in NorCal. Once in, always in.
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    If our Union Locals truly respected the idea of seniority as its definition implies, we should be able to bid into any job in the company. Unfortunately, this isn't so in my Local. Seniority should bring members opportunity, not hold them in positions that they might not want to be in.