Can management force a bigger truck? (on topic)

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Rolling Thunder, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder New Member

    I have a bid route and for the past year or so each new on-road sup tries to get me to take a bigger truck since my route has grown and I tend to blow-out often. Suspiciously, they ask or try to get me to say I want a bigger truck. One day they just loaded my route into a bigger truck without saying anything to me and the next day a sup came out on-route mid day and asked if I liked the bigger truck. I told him no and the next day I went back to my usual truck. I bid this route because it was in a P700 and don't want anything larger. Even though they haven't said it outright, it seems like they're acting like they can't force me to take a bigger truck. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  2. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    You bid a route, not equipment.

    They can put whatever size package car they want on your bid route.
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  3. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    If your loader can't put s* into a p6 correctly, they wont get them into a p700 either.
    Hell all they might do is jam the garage-style door open, or closed.
  4. jaker

    jaker trolling

    My boss tried the same thing with me , nothing he tried would work except me leaving to feeder . The guy now has a 1k auto or 8 auto I don't pay too much attention since the guy was warned
  5. Future

    Future Victory Ride

    Had a p1000 when I first bid this route ....gave me a p1200 ....months later ..... made my day much more manageable ....
  6. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    Backing is a problem on some routes. That is the problem when you are turning into a furniture moving business.
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  7. john chesney

    john chesney Well-Known Member

    Let’s all just get refurbished school buses and paint them brown and pile the :censored2: in. That’s what it’s coming to
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  8. Wilson1397

    Wilson1397 Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!

    I would get tired walking from the bulkhead door to the
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  9. Let them give you a bigger truck. Out itPut it in reverse as many times as possible and blow those backing numbers off the chart.

    You're welcome.
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  10. ManInBrown

    ManInBrown Well-Known Member

    You have no say in what size package car.
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  11. Tired Driver

    Tired Driver Sisyphus had it easy.

    They did this to my route. Now I have to walk off long ass driveways that before I could drive down. Day has increased by an hour.
  12. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Mh last route they tried that. I was in a P7 and I came in one day and it was loaded in a 1000 because was in the shop. I told them I was going home for the day. They asked what was wrong and I told them I could not deliver in a P1000 because it was too high and some of the places I would deliver to would hit the roof of the truck or I wouldn't be able to get to at all. They made two preload super then offload into an empty P7 that was parked right next to it.
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  13. jaker

    jaker trolling

    When they try to give me a bigger car I would just start walking off the long driveways that I know a 7 can do just fine
  14. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    It's funny....

    When drivers try to "claim" a piece of company equipment as "theirs".

    There is an absolute continuity and comfort level, in operating the same vehicle.

    If you can't adapt.... It might be a test. ;)

    Think about it.

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  15. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    They can.
  16. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    You give me a bigger truck and backs go way the heck up. Fine with me, but the report watchers cant understand it.
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  17. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    Only time I refused to "adapt" or accept the change of trucks is at 8pm when they want to swap trucks because of a late ETA and I have a lot of pickups. I am tired and been in the same truck all night so to change it that late in the day to me isn't a good idea. I spend the time transferring the pickups instead of the work.
  18. Grey

    Grey Active Member

    When my truck is in the shop I get separation anxiety. I keep it clean and power wash in the interior monthly. I can’t believe how dirty some of these dudes keep their trucks. Animals.
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  19. Old Man Jingles

    Old Man Jingles Rat out of a cage

    I did too.
    Bucket with a bottle of windex and paper towels.
    These “dirty dudes” are the first ones to bitch about how dirty the PCs are.
    Try opening the right side of Feeder cab sometime.
    You will be amazed at the filth.
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  20. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    Something tells me you were a bottle of winded all the time Mr. Corporate. Tennis player my A* :)