Can someone break down the various positions at a standard UPS hub?

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    Hi, I am a helper and finishing college in May, so I am fascinated with how many positions there are at a standard hub, and how the chain of command works. If any of you can break it down I would appreciate it.

    From what I gather you have: Dozens of loaders (starting at around $9/hr) who are managed by a dozen(?) load supervisors ($18/hr). You also have maintenance and car washers (don’t know their rate). Dozens of full and part-time drivers (up to $30/hr) who are managed by 5 or so driver supervisors ($100k/yr) who are managed by 1 or 2 building supervisors ($200k/yr?). The building supervisor is managed by the district manager, who oversees 3-4 hubs(?) and probably makes over $250k/yr(?). Is that correct thus far? The woman who hired me I think works in Human Resources? What are the various other positions? Also, my driver said the hub gets visits by people from the big regional hub all the time -- what are their titles?

    Thanks, Justin
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  2. hypocrisy

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    $100k on road supervisors and $200k center managers? I'd like a hit of whatever you are smoking.
  3. Covemastah

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    Just get rehired after peak for starters,then all the answers will fall into place !!!!
  4. darkom

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    Sorry, that's from a couple of drivers. What's a more accurate figure?
  5. menotyou

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    At my center? $175,000 for the on-car/former center manager.
    $125,ish for current center manager.
  6. Baba gounj

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    There are different rates for people in progression ( working towards top pay ) .
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    One of my long time driver friends became an on-road because his previous p/t supervisory time would keep him from Feeders. He's making less than our average package driver ($80-$90k) which is supplemented by MIP that he is never happy about. If you are a young guy starting out it's probably tempting, but he's stuck in this position and just waiting til retirement. Center managers are around $125k as Menotyou said. Of course, some can play the game and manage to negotiate their own pay. Usually it's the firebrand manager who walks out and then is re-hired on his terms.

    I digress, but it's a huge myth that you'll hear repeated that "if you feel you cannot negotiate your own pay then a Union is for you". The huge Corporate scam is salary scales, in which certain levels are attributed to various job positions with a salary range. It's hilarious to me that non-union people accept this and turn vehemently anti-union. When I point out they may produce more than their coworker, and have more education and better experience, yet they are yoked with a salary scale and must rely on employer generosity in the form of a 'bonus' to make up the difference. It's only in the very upper echelons and some sales positions that actual salary negotiations in the true form often touted take place.
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    I don't care what anyone else makes I know what I make that's all I need to know. I don't want to be a SUP or have anything to do with being in management at UPS.
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    Never heard of a center manager making $175 salary or even total compensation. Possibly total compensation if they live in a high "cost of living" area ... certainly nowhere even close to that in Georgia.
  10. menotyou

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    I saw his paystub. He's not a shy kinda guy. He was a center manager for many years downstate, before coming here(he grew up here) This is where he was demoted. I am not talking about his stock, either. Add that in, he's a multi millionaire. He did very well in the IPO. He spends his days(non-peak) with his feet on the printer counting his days/dealing with his wife calling. "Honey, I just bought ******** and charged it to the Black Card." She doesn't carry the Black Card, no need. She has it memorized.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    I was not questioning the $175 k ... just that that figure is way off except possibly for a few "very high cost of living areas". Until the last few years, only District Managers and higher made that in salary in normal cost of living districts. UPS is not a company where people that are high performers are paid much more than the least best.

    And also, if it was a November or December pay stub, it did include the stock award.
    I wish it was typical but not that I know of.

    Note: High compensation areas would be in major Metro areas like NYC, North NJ, San Francisco, etc. My perspective is mainly from the Southeast US where cost of living is much, much lower. a You can buy a 5000 sq ft house here nicely finished on 3 or 4 acres for $250,000 - $300,000 so I am limited in my exposure.

    BTW - Down here in the South in smaller towns, the UPS Driver is one of the highest paid people in the area. Only people who make more are self-employed business owners. I remember the Bank manager applying for a UPS Driver job because the drivers that banked with him made more than him.
    Center Managers hated to get transferred to Atlanta because they were one of the big dogs in these smaller towns.