Can someone define 6th punch/6th report?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bigmistake, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. bigmistake

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    I've heard of this term recently. It seems pretty cut and dry, you work 6 days in a week it's time and a half. Is it contractually stipulated somewhere? Who does it apply to?
  2. UnsurePost

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    It's to my knowledge contractually stipulated, however local supplements will rule on who gets it. In New England, only FT'ers get 6th punch overtime during Nov and Dec.
  3. robot

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    I once worked Tuesday through Sunday. I thought it was going to be a sixth punch but they told me it had to be 6 days in the same week.
  4. brownmonster

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    If your only day off was Monday then Sat. should have been your 6th punch. I doesn't say consecutive.
  5. fxdwg

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    Isn't about three guys and a certain arrogant BCer from the North?
  6. hypocrisy

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    The whole reason it's not "Saturday o/t pay, Sunday 2x pay" is to avoid what happened to you. For example, if I bid a m-f run next week but went on a sleeper run sat/sun; Thursday would be 6th day (O/T) pay and Friday would be 7th day (2x pay). We love doing that in Feeders, you have to bring a wheelbarrow to get your paycheck home.

    What they did was mistake the pay period (Sun-Sat) for the 6th and 7th day work rule. In the above example they put it all on the same fat check.
  7. robot

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    Yeah I didn't want to come in on Sunday. I thought I was safe getting my 5 punches already. Thing was everybody and their mother called in on mother's day and I still had like 8.5 hours left on my dot hours. Sucked!!!!